Hey everyone,

First off, 286 days until our arrival! And 288 days until we get married!! One thing I am confused on, and I have searched for the answer, but keep getting conflicting results. When I was doing my original searching, the website said a couple needs to be on the island for 3 days before they get married. When I called in to make my reservation, I asked the lady on the phone, and she said the day of arrival and day of wedding count, so therefore, in order to get married on Saturday, we would need to arrive on the Thursday prior. However, now another part of the website specifies a couple needs to be on the island for 72 hours before getting married. Can someone please tell me the correct information?

Oh, and on another note, is anyone else getting married in March 2013? We will be there March 7 - 16, and are wondering if anyone else will be there the same time.

Thanks for any answers you can provide,