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    Default CSA Room Decision...Your Help Needed!

    My fiance and I have been doing a ton of research on resorts for our Honeymoon and have decided that we're in love with CSA. After much debate on rooms, were JUST about to book an Atrium Suite because it's only a tad more (like $35) than a Garden View....but then found out that the website we're booking through offers a $300 resort credit if you book a Garden View. For anyone that's been to CSA... What would YOU do? I really like the looks of the Atrium. BUT...I also like the idea of having $300 to spend at the resort for a couples dinner or massages. I like that if we book an Atrium I KNOW I love the room and the locations, but with the Garden View it could be iffy...but I feel weird "throwing away" $300. Heh. Just when I thought we'd made up our minds, they dangle a little carrot in front of us and we're back to square one again. Any input you could offer would be much appreciated!


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    Hi Laura. We were just at CSA last week for our weddingmoon. I can comment on the Atrium's only. We stayed in an Atrium in the middle of the resort right next to the Garden Gazebo. I can tell you when we go back we will definately be staying in an Atrium in that area again. We were so happy with our room and view. It has some privacy but can still get glimpses of the water and the gazebo area is just beautiful. We absolutely loved the room and most of all the balcony. It's hugh with a hammock (my favorite spot) and a couch area. It rains a little every afternoon and the balcony is a great place to hang out and listen to the rain hitting the palms. But don't let the rain bum you out. It's a nice break from the hot sun and a great way to get some cuddle time with your luv. The Atriums by the garden gazebo is also in the middle of the resort and the restaurants are on either end, so we could just go left or right and a short walk and you are there. Let me give you a tip though. There are Atriums at the end near the Palms restaurant and unless you like noise and not much privacy you may not want to be there. I know we would have been very uphappy there.
    If your honeymoon is still a bit a time away you may want to get on the Couples mailing list. They have a special every Wed. with special rates which sometimes includes credits so one of those "Wed. Couplicious" deals might work for you. You may be able to get an Atrium with a credit. I've seen them.
    Our thinking though is the room is much more important than the credits. You are in a room for a week or two and although the massages are wonderful they only last a short while. I've had experiences with other resorts if you are unhappy with your room it could almost ruin your vacation.
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Don't fret. Couples is amazing and you will have the time of your life. We had the most perfect weddingmoon and we are looking forward to going back next year.
    PS: 2nd floor of the Atrium is amazing. We requested middle of the resort, 2nd floor and we were able to get exactly what we wanted.
    Good luck

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    Hi Laura,
    I can understand your concerns. Seems like a lot giving up a $300 credit. But IMHO, if you like the Atrium rooms, you should stick with it. Those rooms are very unique and one of my favorites. It's your honeymoon, don't sacrifice the room for $300 resort credit.
    Having said that, I really enjoy the resort credits. It's nice to upgrade the 30 minute massage to an hour, pick up a few things in the gift shop or order a special bottle of wine with dinner. But most of the time we spend it on things that were "nice to have" but not something we "had to have" to enjoy our vacation. The room for me was more important. I think you will see what I mean when you get to CSA.

    Happy Honeymoon.

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    We had the same problem when the early booking deal came out for 2013, you got an free night if you stay in the Garden suite. We love the atrium siute, it is was one of main factors in picking CSA the first time we went. And we weren't disappointed, looked just like the pictures. The Atrium is lovely and doen't get me started on that hammock.

    We have decided after much debate that we will take another room category for an extra night stay but not for resort credit. Most of the time you really won't be in your room for the sake of the room. We have never been sitting on the beach and said/ thaught lets go back to the room to enjoy the room. And as it is your honeymoon I dont think you'll be in the room worring about your room choice

    Any room is a good room at CSA!!!!!

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    if you know for certain that you will use that $300 credit towards the dinner and/or massages, then go with the Garden view rooms..But if the Atrium room is tugging at your heart strings, and you just can't stop thinking about it, then the room it is! You really can't go wrong either way, but I understand your dilemma.

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    If saving $$ is important, I'd go with the GVS (which I think the Garden View rooms are called now). If you're bothered by road noise, just shut the windows / shutters and turn on the AC and I can just about promise you won't hear the noise. And you'll be able to sit on your balcony and overlook the beautiful green gardens!

    You may want to take a look at the actual dinners on the beach. We were there Thanksgiving 2011 and the beach was smaller, and a lot of the dinners were quite close to the main walkway. We ave a really nice, romantic time at any and all of the restaurants (well, maybe with the exception of the Palms at dinner).

    If you enjoy a spa experience, the spa at CSA is really nice. And be sure to take time to enjoy the Buddha pool before your treatment - bring your bathing suit....

    But....if $$ isn't really an object and you have your heart set on the Atrium, that really is a lovely room category. We now book either the Atrium or the Beach Front Suite (both on the "old" side of the resort).

    Enjoy your trip (and be sure to write a nice looong review here so those of us still stateside can live vicariously!!)

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    We booked back in March when the special was to get trip insurance included, 7th night free, and $300 resort we got the garden verandah. However, we are planning on upgrading to an atrium when we check in (you cannot upgrade now or you will lose the extras)....if they don't have an atrium for us, we will just say in the garden suite, no big deal....but keeping our fingers crossed....either way we'll still be in Jamaica

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    For us the free night and 300 bucks was too much to pass up. We stayed in the gvsuite before and the garden suite on our honeymoon and we have spent the extra money for beachfront and won't do it again. Not that it wasn't great, we just didn't spend enough time there.

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    My husband and I booked the GVS during the promotion after debating if we should stay an extra night or upgrade our room. We just paid the rest of the trip, which was before we thought we would. I just checked with the travel agent to see how much it would cost to upgrade to a beachfront, and now it was another $1400 . We've decided that we will try to upgrade once we get there (in September) and if we can, then great, if not, oh well. If I could do it all over again though, I would have just booked the Beachfront at the time when it was only a couple hundred more.

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    Thanks for the input! We're all booked!!! We decided to go with the Atrium. I've read so many great things about them and they look awesome. I also sort of like the challenge of not watching TV for an entire week!

    I CANNOT WAIT! I also cannot stop stalking these boards....!!

    Sorry to hear that Mandee. A free night sounds like a heck of a deal too, though. We missed booking it in March and were shocked when it skyrocketed after. Next time they have a sale like that we would probably take the free night or room credit and GVS too. The company we booked through was pretty optimistic about the resort not being at capacity in September so I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!


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