Just thought I'd take a minute to give everyone an update on CSA while I'm sitting on our deck having my morning coffee. I'll make this short & sweet. With all the hubbub recently about change and this and that, I just want to assure everyone that every little thing is still perfect after all these years. Some new faces, yes, but that means new friends, the food, the beach & the staff are second to none, & more than enough beach chairs & shade for everyone. We renewed our vows a few days ago & both of us were blown away with the perfection & professionalism of the staff, it was truly breathtaking, WOW!! This is our 19th visit to CSA & remember the old SA very well, seen alot of changes over the years, the wall of fame is back up again. I guess what I'm trying to say is, relax, stop worrying, don't listen to complainers or nonsense, you're gonna love it here. Off to the beach!