Hi Everyone,

I'm Holly and I'm planning a honeymoon for August 2010. We're looking into booking CTI in the next month or so, doing the Fall in Love Again deal. This will be our first vacation as a couple and we're sooo looking forward to it! The main concern we have though, is the weather in August. My fiance is convinced that we'll be caught in rain or hurricanes the entire time. I'm trying to tell him not to worry and that if it does rain while we're there, it will be brief and warm!
Can anyone shed a little light on Ocho Rios weather that time of year? A friend of mine just got back from Negril, and based on her pics, she had great weather the whole time. I do check the weather network from time and time, and it usually seems as the Negril and Ocho Rios weather are similar. Anyway looking forward to being part of this community!