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    Default Chukka/excursion question


    My wife and I are headed to Couples Swept Away May 28th - June 4th for our honeymoon (YAY!) We booked our vacation through Costco Travel which included the VIP departure lounge and $100 Chukka adventures credit.

    My question is, will we be able to use the $100 Chukka credit while setting up our excursions at the resort? Or will we have to book exclusively through Chukka to be able to use that credit? Also we would like to do the Y's falls/ zip line / rum tour all on the same day. On the Chukka web site it just has either zip line or the black river tour.... No rum factory tour. I have heard on here you can book the Y's falls and rum tour together but no zip line? Will we have to book these tours separately with Chukka and the resort?

    One more question lol. My wife and I were married in November, 2011 but this is our honeymoon just a little late. I have read on this site that to receive the honeymoon couples massage you have to be on your honeymoon no later then 30 days after your wedding. Is this rule strictly in forced? This is our honeymoon and we would love to receive that included couples massage, but if rules are rules no worries mon.

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    I think the rules rule. Have a great trip.

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