Hi there,

My new husband and I are leaving for our honeymoon at CSA tomorrow. We are SO excited, but just have a few last minute questions for repeaters. This message board has already helped us tremendously, so thank you all for that!

So, on to the questions..

1) Do you need an adapter for the outlets in Jamaica? The answer I got from googling this was basically "possibly", so I wanted to check with the experts

2) We have booked a GVS, and I was wondering if they have a DVD player in the room. We are actually considering upgrading if there is an ocean view available, but we would still hope for a DVD player (or the ability to order in room movies) in that room as well because we both like to relax by watching a movie occasionally. I know we'll be busy doing a lot of other things and not hanging out in the room much, but we were just curious.

3) How easy is it to upgrade your room? Is it something we should consider trying to do today instead of when we get there tomorrow? Also, if we do stick with the GVS, does anyone have any specific recommendations on where to request a room? We don't want to be too far from the action if at all possible

4) We are interested in doing some sort of YS Falls / Ziplining / Floyd's Pelican Bar combination excursion. Does anyone know if something like this exists and is it easy to book when we get there?

Thanks in advance for all of the help in this thread and others, lurking on this board has made me SO excited for this trip and very sure that we made the right decision for our honeymoon.

Becky (& Chris)