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    Default Room Selection!?!?!?! CSS

    Hello! My fiance and I will be booking our honeymoon at CSS this week! We settled on CSS after reading tons of reviews and looking at pictures. We like how there are trees/vegetation everywhere and it is on the cliffs. The steps are just fine with us! That being said... we still need to select our room! I think we are between the one bedroom ocean suite and the penthouse suite. We really want a nice size balcony (we love sitting outside with drinks at night) and views of the ocean. I would love a jacuzzi tub but the view is more important. Advice on which room to choose? They are so close in price that it is not a factor in our decision - I wish it was, the decision would be much easier! Advice??? I'd love to see nay pictures you have as well! Thanks so much for your help! Can't wait to book/be there!

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    i would choose the penthouse suite, but thats just by looking at the pics. havnt been there though, so have no pics

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    If this is your honeymoon, go for the Penthouse. It is not that much more, and completely worth it. A week or two before you go, call the resort, tell them its your honeymoon, and request (politely) with Guest Services that you be placed in the D or E block. You will love it.
    They can't guarantee a room, but we have never been dissapointed when calling ahead.
    And don't forget those balconies make a great place to have your room-service breakfast. It's a great way to start your day.

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    We stayed in B16 - a beachfront suite - 2nd floor. The view was great.

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    Will we have an ocean view from the penthouse suites? In the pictures on the Couples website it does not look as if you can see the ocean from the balcony.

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    The Penthouse rooms in D&E all have ocean views with beautiful balconies. The ones in C block are nice, but do not have the balconies.

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    boogalbird25 - There is a wonderful ocean view from almost every room on the property. Here's a link to our pictures from our 2nd and 3rd trips to CSS. On our second trip, we stayed in a penthouse suite, room D 20 (the Roger Moore Suite), and on our third trip we stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite (G 8), which has become our favourite room at Sans Souci. There are pictures of the room, the balcony and the view from the balcony for each trip.

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    We stayed in a the Angela Basset suite and can't imagine anything better. Some of the best memories of my marriage have happened at couples...and on the balcony of that suite!!!

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