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    Default Tervis Tumblers?

    Hello ALL,

    I have been lurking on the board for a few weeks. We just booked our trip to CSA for next month (July 2012). Probably didn't get the best deal because we waited sooo long to decide but I am just happy we are actually going on a vacation!!

    I am making my packing list based on all the previous posts and I saw a few people mentioned that they brought their own insulated cups (for ME to fill, not the bartender). I also remember seeing mention of Tervis tumblers. Could someone suggest what size/kind they use and how well the lid works to seal it etc? Should I order these from the Tervis website or can I find them at BB&B?
    Or if someone has another insulated cup suggestion...?

    Thanks so much!

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    Mine is the larger size, the seal works well and it's from Kroger. I have also seen them at Macy's, Beall's, Dicks, and Dillards. I use it for ice water as getting dehydrated is miserable, getting dehydrated while on vacation even more so.

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    We use Bubba Kegs and they work great.

    Costco has some good thermal mugs as well. Here is what they look like.

    Have fun.

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    I heard people mention that those pop can cozies were the perfect size for the cups they use. Am I right, Repeaters? Anyway, you can find those just about anywhere. I picked a couple up at the dollar store. Wouldn't want to worry about how to wash my insulated mug if I brought one. Or have to rinse it out when I changed drinks.

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