I promise more details once I can catch up with life at home....but....it was perfect!! We are also waiting on pictures from Stacey Clark and I will link them when they are ready.

Upon arrival, they were surprised that the first timers were requesting 2136....since we got back they made the room we requested a premium room...lol...I can understand why!! I would pay for it!! The veranda was huge and wonderful. We were just steps from the beach.

The inside though....can I just please have a dresser? There was soooo much open space in the room and VERY little closet/clothes storage space. Poor Chris got relegated to the top shelf in the closet that I couldn't reach. Plus, the bed was HARD. I like a firm mattress, but I have a nice pillow top at home. With this bed, I might as well have been sleeping on the tile floor. If I laid on my side, my hip fell asleep. Several nights, I had to lay on top of the pillows.

Housekeeping was hit or miss. Most days, it didn't happen until 4 or 5pm, which I felt was a little late. It was also a bit inconsistent. Some days we got two wash clothes, some days one. Some days we got 4 towels, some days 2. Our shower drain sucked and we had to have maintenance come out twice because the entire bathroom flooded. None of this really bothered me though. I was having so much fun, that it didn't matter. We built a towel damn near the shower and just went with it. lol When we went to "exchange" towels at water sports and we didn't have towels, I just explained that there was a soaking wet towel damn in my bathroom and there wasn't a problem. lol

There were NO issues getting a lounge chair with a floatie...even when...GASP...we woke up late (10am). The resort was nearly at capacity too. So, the reviews that say there are problems....well, I can only conclude that you walked straight out from your room, didn't find a chair, and got mad. Walk a bit down the beach and you will find one.

As for the palapas....we laughed at the rude people who reserved them at 6am and didn't go back to them until noon. We're tan and wanted to get more sun, so we didn't care. Plus...<giggle>...our veranda was 10 steps off the beach...if we wanted shade, we went there. We joked about going out to the beach at 4am one day and staying in one all day, but we didn't .....why?....because we're just not that ridiculous.

Everything wedding related was perfect!! I just said I wanted blue (dyed) flowers in my bouquet and trusted the coordinator. It was beautiful!! Chris and I walked down the isle together and I loved it! After the wedding, there was a little rain and everyone freaked...they moved us inside. It was really unnecessary, as it only sprinkled for 15 minutes.

The weather...for the rainy season, it didn't rain much. There was one day (out of 12) where it rained for a few hours. There were two days that were pretty cloudy (without much rain). There were 2 or 3 days that had a brief (less than an hour) afternoon shower.

The vendors...ehhh...they weren't too bad, BUT if we tell you that we have no cash, please don't stop and play 3 songs for us, expecting a tip. Cazmon...we loved you! Thanks for hooking us up on a good deal for cigarettes!!

Restaurants....Feathers...we ate there 3 times and it was wonderful every time. We are foodies...I actually cook goat cheese souffles at home for dinner (if that tells you anything)...and we LOVED the food and the service!!!!

Lemongrass...the first, of the two nights, the service and the food SUCKED. (sorry) We were at our table for 30 minutes before anyone even came over with water. We got our first course before anyone took our drink order. The soup and the salad were WAAAYYYYY to tangy! HINT...Thai food is sweet, sour, and heat...not just sour. The appetizer was okay, the entree and dessert were good. The second night, oddly, we had the same staff, but everything ran much smoother. We avoided the soup and salad though and ordered 2 appetizers. 3 entrees and 2 desserts between the 2 of us.

Patois had FANTASTIC pizza, but we did have the worst service of our trip there. I actually had to go complain after we were at our table for nearly an hour and we had only gotten a glass of water. We sat there and watched others get bread, drinks, etc...people who were seated after us. The Palm was great...I got a huge plate of food for our "vacation kitties" every morning at breakfast and the staff just seemed to know that was what it was for. ;-)

The martini bar was our favorite (and the sunset beach bar)....mmmmm...grey goose martinis...need I say more? Okay, so show some cleavage and stand by the bar...you will get much faster service (sorry guys...lol).

The swim up pool bar seem to attract the drunken frat boys...sorry, I didn't even like that when I was in college 18+ years ago. It confirmed my idea that I wouldn't like the jacuzzi suites for just that reason. One of the bartenders was just rude and obnoxious. My husband has not spent 20 years in the gym for some joker behind the bar to spend 20 minutes talking about he would "kick his ass" if the drink wasn't right...a drink he never made because he ran his mouth until it was closing time. After we left the bat without a backward glance, the bartender must have gotten the hint though, because we went back a few days later and he made great drinks.

Hmmmm....I just re-read what I wrote, and there is a lot of negative, but we really loved our time at CSA. I guess I just really wanted to give an honest review. We spent our time on the beach, at the pool, in the water, drinking, eating, and laughing. We loved it!!

Oh, I can't forget the Scuba staff...they were great!! My husband got certified early in our trip and then we went on two dives together that were just wonderful!! Tell Anthony that Stacie and Chris said hi, if anyone is there soon.