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    Default Finally only 6 more days until we will be at CSA

    We are almost there Finally 6 more days and we will be arriving at CSA on 9/19 for our 38 th Anniversary. A dream vacation we have waited for all these years.
    We are wondering who else we will be sharing the same week 9/19-9/26 at CSA with. This will be our 1 st time at an AI and we can already see though this great website that COUPLES was a wise choice. We would love to hear any stories, advice or suggestions that you would like to share.
    Hope to see you all soon. Safe travels to all.
    Gail and Pat

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    We will be arriving this Thursday (the 17th) and staying through the 27th. This is our 4th trip to CSA. We are so excited to get back to our "home away from home".

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    Gail and Pat, we will be there with you for our 20th anniv. This is our 3rd stay at CSA. You made the right choice! Just don't worry about packing alot of clothes. You will find that you'll spend most of your time in swimsuits. Happy travels! Happy Anniversary!

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    Jenn422, would you be Jenn and Chris from the old MB? have a great trip back to Sewpt Away.


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    Hi Gail & Pat, We are arriving the same day as you from the UK, so won't arrive until early evening, if the flight is on time. This is our first trip to CSA but we have been to several AI resorts before and going by what we've read so far, this will trump all the rest.

    We going for our 25th Anniversary, but WOW 38 years - we look forward to raising a glass to you both on that.

    Safe trip and see you soon.

    Mark & Kay

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    Have a great time!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue and Randy View Post
    Jenn422, would you be Jenn and Chris from the old MB? have a great trip back to Sewpt Away.

    Yes Randy it is us! We are finally getting a chance to go back! So excited!!


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    Jenn, you and Chris have a safe and wonderful trip. good to see you again.


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