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    We have been to Couples numerous times, but not during hurricane season. We are headed back to CSS in October and have already booked the trip. But now we think we need to get insurance. I've contacted Customer Service and the say we can't get the Cancellation for Any Reason at this point. They gave us the website www. but we can't find specific info about policies. Can anyone recommend any other avenue for insurance that you've used?? Thanks so much! Go Celtics!!!!

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    We have used Travel Guard Savvy Traveler for our last two trips and have purchased for our trip this December. It seems to be the most economical. Have never had to use it though (knock on wood...). Check out

    Have not purchased the cancel for any reason insurance. I believe that you need to purchase the insurance within a certain amount of time of booking (15 days - ???) to get this option, so if you have already booked it is probably too late to purchase. But, no worries, you'll be covered for weather cancellations... Enjoy your trip.

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    We got travel insurance through our airline, US Airways.

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    We have used Direct Travel Insurance, the only one we could find with hurricane cover. Think you can buy up to a couple of weeks before travel providing there is not a hurricane warning! Cost quite a bit, but cheaper than losing all the money

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    We use Travel Safe, you can get cancel for any reason at any time and they allow you to cancel for a hurricane warning.

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