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    Finally the night we have been waiting for, Couples Eve is here and the excitement is just as I remembered!!!It is our 5th trip to a Couples Resort but it will be our first time to Negril.The night before we go is what we fondly call "Couples Eve" because it really does feel just like Christmas......maybe even a little better!!!!Can't wait to go to sleep because tomorrow we are off to Jamaica!!!I love Couples Eve!!!Definitley one of the best holidays we celebrate!!!

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    Default Couples Eve -How Brillant

    Justdiane , Have a wonderful time. I think Couples Eve is just Brilliant and so very romantic. ( and I thought We, along with Randymon had our own little lock on Romance,) lol. Even though we do have a Special Ritual the Eve before , Thank You Very Much for giving us a Name for that Eve before the Magic begins. In our case it is San Souci. I just wish I could sleep on that "Couples Eve" .lol . Instead I just know when I "wake up" on Air Jamaica I will be Home. Enjoy

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    I just love it! Couples Eve, much better than Christmas Eve, knowin i'm going to the land of warmth, love and the best service anywhere!! Can't wait to see TI, 49 days and counting.
    Looks like summer is over at the Jersey Shoe and I really hate when that happens. The other bad thing is I'm almost out of Appleton Extra!!!

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    Hi Sam (BeachSam).... I think summer is back at the Jersey Shore today - Sunny, Blue Skies - it's a beautiful thing. Thank goodness because this has been the shortest summer ever... Hope you guys did okay with Thursday/Friday Storms -still cleaning up a little bit here - but really did okay...

    COUPLES EVE - LOVE IT!!! (Sorry to get off topic) We feel exactly the same about Couples Eve - and we MUCH Prefer Couples Eve to any other holidays!!!

    ENJOY Everyone!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    I love you calling this Couples Eve. We are usually very busy that night packing, and it is hard to sleep because we are so excited to get back to Couples. This is our Christmas, Birthday, anniversary, valentines day gift to each other. I will remember couples eve. 90 days and counting

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    As we were talking to both of you last night, when we hung up, I thought to myself, "Boy! The night before".
    I thought, I could write a story about that. I'll have to come up with a name. And then BANG!! There you are. I knew that we were on the same wave length.

    Love to Eric, Cindy and Craig.

    See you all in April my Amigos


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    We just got the dreaded call from Air Jamaica that our flight tomorrow (from Philly) is delayed 3 hours. To make matters worse, the friggin' thing will fly to JFK & then to MoBay. What happened to the non stop flight we booked?

    Couples eve has become a drag this time (it makes # 15 for us).

    They better give us free "food" & drinks on the trip.

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