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    Default Resort referrals??

    I was just wondering if Couples offers anything for referrals? Since my honeymoon last June, I have convinced my cousin and her fiance to spend their honeymoon at CN , they will be there THIS June 11th, as will my wife and I for our anniversary. THEN, I got my parents, my cousin's parents and my other aunt and uncle to start saving for THEIR CN vacation, probably sometime next year. Even though, it's not really a hard sale, lol, but I was just curious if anything for referrals is available. Even just a t-shirt or something.

    Thanks Couples!! See you in a week!!!

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    No, you'll just have the satisfaction of knowing they are going to have a great vacation!

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards and you will get your T-shirt as a repeat guest, if you put your dates in and they recognize it. Not certain if there is a time limit on signing up from one trip to the next. But the real answer to your question is, I have never seen a referral reward.

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    They used to do this, but not any longer. Hopefully you signed up for Romance Rewards as you will get some benefits for your return visit. If you haven't, do so now.

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    That's a great question I thought about last month. We were married at CSA in Oct 2008. We convinced a couple to get married there last year and just talked to someone else about the resort last month.

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    I think they would go broke if they had a referral program.

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