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    My one must when I travel is french vanilla creamer. I am thinking my coffee will be even more important at Couples after reading about all the bars and yummy drinks. Do they offer flavored creamers @ CSA?

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    I have a similar question as well. I typically only drink lattes, or cappuccino, not the straight coffee. I need a little something extra to my coffee. Are there other options other than just coffee, and the usual additives?

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    The coffee at CSS is great! I'm sure they have creamer but it's fantastic without it. Just wait until you taste it!
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    I haven't seen flavored creamers at csa. I like to put Sangsters Rum Cream in my morning coffee

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    Another vote for Rum Cream in your coffee! I purchase a bottle in the gift shop on our first day. Since we can't get it in the mini bar selections, it's worth it to have my rum cream in coffee on the balcony every morning... Smooth as silk. And a nip on the rocks just before bed... By the end of our stay, the bottle is gone.


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    My wife packs her flavored creamer in the suitcase so she will have it when we get there. I have not seen any flavored creamers at CN.

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    I suppose if you have to have it you could pack a small, secure bottle of your favorite non-dairy liquid creamer in your checked bag. Or if you can tolerate the powdered creamer you could pack a bit of that in a container. I have never seen flavored creamers at CSA but there is always fresh cream available and as suggested above, rum cream goes great in coffee. Keep in mind the bar will be closed at breakfast, which in my opinion is the best cup of coffee of the day, so rum cream may not be readily available at that time of day.

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    I discovered last July, there are a couple of self serve machines that have cappuccino, etc.
    One is in the Internet Cafe and the other one is by the Cabana Grill.
    If you do the 360 view of the Internet Cafe and Cabana Grill you will see the machines.

    I can't remember what the other selections were, I only drank the cappuccino and it was
    delicious!! So much, that on our return trip in December I bought a package of those to go type coffee cups with lids at Walmart to carry on the trip, just for that cappuccino! Having the to go cups
    made it easier to carry back to your verandah and enjoy in the morning and kept it hot longer.

    In December I discovered that you can get THE BEST ICED COFFEE at Sea Grapes! I could not get enough of it. The flavor of the coffee is so much better than the coffee they serve in the restaurants.

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    Not sure about CSA but Negril has no flavored creamers, I too am a french vanilla addict. My posion of choice is the powdered Coffe mate. So last time we went, my lovley other half found it in little packets, you know like sugar packets. Made it great to take with you in the morning instead of carrying that jar, or little baggie with you.
    I'm pretty sure CSA won't have any flavored creamers, unless they just added them. But seriously look for the Coffe Mate packets in the store,handy as hell!

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    Boomer (KS?),
    Where have you been?
    Going back to CN in October.

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    Land O Lakes makes a 1/2 and 1/2 non refrigerated product called "Mini Moo's" that I always carry with me to Couples. I just throw a box in my luggage and what I don't use I leave for the next guest. When I bought a box yesterday for our July trip to CN there was also French Vanilla on the shelf.
    24 small 9ml containers to a box (should hold me for a week)

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    I love this message board. Everyone is so helpful. Thank you for all the responses, I now have lots of options.

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    lucky you!!
    We just book for April.
    Had to cancel literary days before our last trip........but I'm back!!!
    Hope you're doing well.....wish I was going with you in October.

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