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    Default CTI Help pls - East/West bldg pros/cons?

    Hi all - have been reading the posts here for a couple of years and usually found everything I needed (went to CN in Oct 2007 for my honeymoon - had an AMAZING time - thanks to all of you!) but I am now looking for some specific advice on CTI.

    Have just booked a trip for the end of October (yay!) - nothing against CN, it was everything I could've hoped for in a honeymoon but the hub-unit and I were looking to try somewhere different.. and after weeks of research and debate, we ended up choosing yet another Couples resort! Most of you on this board can relate I know hahaha.

    Anyway on to my question - we booked a Deluxe Ocean room, which the site says is "Located in the East Wing block #1 on 1st and 2nd floors and West wing block #4 on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
    floors.".. and I have read so many comments about the Main bldg (not an option for us) and the West bldg but cant seem to find much about the East building - I do hope to make a request either in advance or when we're checking in (which I know, they can't necessarily fulfill - but they definitely came through on my honeymoon so I figure it doesnt hurt to ask) and I just want to be prepared.

    Have seen so many of pics of the Deluxe Ocean but they all seem to be coming from the West/Bldg 4? Can anyone tell me what the East bldg is like, and if its been renovated the same way as all the others, and if there are any benefits to staying in one vs the other?

    I hate to bug, but would really appreciate the help.

    Counting down the days,

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    The East Building is just as nice - it just sits over by the old pool. In fact, if you go to the website and check out the panoramic view for the Premier Ocean, the pictures are actually of a room in the East Building. While on the panoramic map the dot you click on is on the main building, the pics are from the East.

    Here's the link:

    I can also send you the map and aerial view of CTI if that would help (
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    Our first 3 trips to CTI we stayed in the East Wing, room number used to be 21. The rooms may be a little smaller however the view was to die for and it is very close to everything.

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    I have heard the east wing rooms are smaller. Some people love them and some don't. They are also near the road. We have stayed in the west wing and although the walk is longet the rooms are very nice. I'm not sure if you make a request that the can honor it, but you can try. I'm sure you will enjoy CTI whichever bolck they put you in. We have done three of the four couples resorts and CTI is our favorite.

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    The East wing in July, building 1, was closed to guests. It was being used for the entertainment staff. They are working on new place for them to stay.

    They have redone all the rooms the same way in all buildings.
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    Hi everyone - thanks for your advice! I figured it didn't matter but I just wanted to be sure.. Amy i will be emailing you shortly to get the maps from you, that would be great!!

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    The rooms in the East and West wing are great. They both have a nice view of Tower Isle. The West wing is closer to the new pool/bar and Spa.

    Rooms are larger in the West wing.

    In the old days the East Wing had a disadvantage that if was raining you would get wet going to dinner or the main building. This is fixed when they built the new section. You can now go from the East Wing to the snack bar, to the main bar and all the way to the south wing and not get wet if it is raining. Thanks Couples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JinTO View Post
    Have just booked a trip for the end of October (yay!) - nothing against CN, it was everything I could've hoped for in a honeymoon but the hub-unit and I were looking to try somewhere different.
    Have no advice to offer, being I'm still a newb myself, but I gotta say that is the funniest description I've ever read someone describe her spouse. JinTO, you made my day!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Hahaha.. well I have MANY pet names for him, that's just one of the more "message-board friendly" ones

    Want to thank everyone again for their help - I really do appreciate it and I know we will have a wonderful time there no matter where we end up! I've received so much extra help (thanks again Amy!) and I hope to be able to pack it back someday.

    Thanks again everyone,


    p.s. I may even bore you all with a trip report when I get back.. look for it in November to see the answer to the "Where did they end up staying? East or West?" question. I know, you'll all be losing sleep at night wondering about it.. hahahaha.. take care everyone!

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