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    Default Immigration / Customs Form

    On line 18 of the Immigration Form it asks for "Hotel/Street Address/Apt#" and Line 19 it asks for "City/Town/Parish".

    For visits to CSA or other resorts what information is correct?

    Line 18 Couples Swept Away
    Line 19 Negril

    Would this be correct ?

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    That's good enough - that's all we've ever put. I'm sure they're well-aware of where are the big resorts are.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    That's all we put on the forms. You should be good to go!

    Have a great trip!

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    One thing I forgot! Make sure you complete the forms with blue or black ink!!!!! The woman in line behind us filled out her form with purple ink and they made her get out of line and fill out a new form!!!!

    Have a great trip!

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    Yup, that's exactly how we did it.

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    Even better, pack your own black or blue pens to fill out the forms with. Cheap Bics or the like, so you can hand them around the plane...

    Jason A.
    CTI in:
    351 days
    20 hours
    53 minutes

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