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    Default Are there photos

    ...of the standard flowers, cakes, etc.? We just reserved our day and time for our sooper-dooper secret wedding that we just decided to have 3 nights ago... we already had the trip to CN booked and figured, what the hell, after 13 years, let's do it.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I think this is a link to the pictures of the flowers. Congrats!

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    Congrats! We decided on CTI after being together for a long time also! We are trying to keep it secret but it is so hard! Here is the link to the things you can choose from. When is the wedding?


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    Thanks everyone, I knew I had seen that page before but I was unable to find it! Nov. 28 is the date. I went to a bridal store yesterday which completely freaked me out. Reality is setting in!

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    I upgraded my flowers and was SO HAPPY I did. I didnt want the flowers on the plastic stick!!! Wanted them wrapped in ribbon. She asked what I wanted to spend. I told her $40.00. She then asked for colors and flower type. I was THRILLED with what she had made! Was worth every penny and I didnt spend a fortune!
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    Those are beautiful! I honestly had no intentions of upgrading but after looking at that, it appears to be well worth the extra $40. I was wondering you get to keep your flowers and take them back home with you?

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    customs won't let you bring flowers bac kto the states. We kept our flowers in our room for the full 8 days we spent there on our honeymoon!
    Our wedding video contains photos of flowers (I upgraded, but my attendants did not), cake (I asked for specifics), and the reception area was set up by them (I brought my own table cloth- My mom made it with the dimentions of the tables we knew would be used), and I brought napkins with our names on them.

    Hope this helps at all.


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    I love your slide show!! I saw you guys dancing after your wedding. Did you hire a band and just dance outside or did you pay for the reception? We really want our "first dance" and mother-son dance and all of that cheezy stuff but we're not sure if thats included in the normal wedding packages. Let me know please. thanks!

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