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    Default CSA Water Sports?

    Coming I CSA for our first trip in November. We were wondering what type of water sports are avail at CSA to try?


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    Definitely take advantage of the Intro to Scuba course if you haven't tried it before. Diving is a life-changing experience. You either love it or hate it, but most who try love it. The stand-up paddleboarding is fun too, and pretty easy. And at the very least, go out on the snorkeling excursions. It's ALL INCLUDED!!!

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    I'm a diver already and can't wait to actually dive in clear clean water! I'm a rescue diver and usually can't see my hand in front of my face! Lol

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    Johnie, the reef may not be the best, but the dive guys are friends. They trully make Swept Away what it is. And, you never know what might be swimming on any given day. The vis. is, maybe 100'. One or two dives a day = Heaven!!!!!! Oh, and don't forget the Red Stripe that follows when back on the beach.

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    I dont care what we see, I just want freedom in clear water!

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