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    only 14 days left....all pumped up.. we asked all good wheres the bad ? thanks for all the responces.;we keep on top of the message board..went to trip advisor like was suggested..alot more good then bad.were from N.Y.( OUT IN THE COUNTRY...yes ny. has country)., were pretty laid back,so doesnt sound like a problem..most complaints weve seen has to do with outdated furniture,n looks like a rain forest...i figured it might be be a bit damp..weve been to all inclusive"s been to ritz carlton west palm,,(way to uppity) were really looking forward to just hanging out..drink of the day in right hand,back up drink in left hand...still scared of shuttle ride,(i get car sick unless i drive)you think they'll let me drive.L.O.L.see ya on the 24th. : )

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    Relax Amy, sit in the front seat of the bus and enjoy. You guys are going to have an awesome trip. I have 306 days to wait!

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