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    Default Randymon: Question on BFS at CSA

    Hi Randymon,

    Hoping you can clarify this for me. We are trying to decide whether to call in and upgrade our existing reservations due to the new circumstances. Based on the new CSA BFS categories do I have this correct below:

    If we have a BFS booked - we will get one of the 4 suites in buildings 37 & 38 or the upstairs smaller unit in Buildings 35, 36, 40, or 41.

    If we upgrade to the Premier BFS - we will get the large lower unit in Building 35, 36, 40, and 41 or the upstairs unit directly above it.

    Also, Do the upstairs units on the Premier BFS have a larger balcony like the unit below? We have never seen one.

    Thank you for any help you can give!

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    From the other thread he answered,

    "If you have a BFS booked they will get one of the 12 suites in buildings 34, 37 or 38.

    The upstairs smaller unit in Buildings 35, 36, 40, and 41 are listed in the system as an Atrium.

    If you upgrade to PBS you will get one of the larger units in buildings 35, 36, 40, or 41. The rooms on the upstairs do have a large balcony as well.

    Randy Russell"

    You've almost got it right, except for the small units upstairs.

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    The upstairs rooms also have a large wrap around balcony. My husband and i were lucky enough to stay in one a few years ago, booked a PBS for 2013 and would love to get the same room again!

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