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    Default CSA room types???YS FALLS??

    First, i'm having trouble deciding on a room at csa. I initially was leaning toward the atrium suite but then decided on the beachfront verandah suite-although i'm still not 100%. The beachfront is more $$$ and i'm just wondering if it's worth it! I love the idea of beachfront but have read a lot of good reviews about the atrium suite. Any thoughts,suggestions appreciated.

    Second, anyone ever been to ys falls? We've always wanted to try dunns river falls but it's a bit far from negril. I heard about ys falls and was wondering how it compares to dunn's falls?!

    Last-we were initially going to go to cti but decided last minute to book csa since cti won't offer catamaran cruises when we go (aug 26-sept 1). I did see, however, that cti is offering $100/room/day spa credit right now and csa is not . I'm second guessing my decision and was wondering, for those who have been to both, which resort did u like better and why???? I know this prolly gets asked alot but i would really appreciate any thoguhts!! We've been to cn and loved it, so i'm sure we'll be happy either way!

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    Trip #5 booked for CSA. Nothing against Tower Isle but stick with Swept Away!

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