After reading/researching for many months I still have some more questions. My husband and I are planning our first trip. I know you all say that you cant go wrong with any of the locations, but I am still obsessing over the right one for us. I am 99% sure we are down to CN or CSA..for today anyway..

We are beach and sand people. Pool is not as important. We also want to be able to go out at night, some drinks, dancing etc. We are in our 30s and will be taking a short break from our four kids. So a social life would be a nice change.

So my ?s are:

Is there clubs, shopping,etc off the resort for either of these?

Is one anymore laid back or anymore active than the other?

Am I correct in the fact there is more beach at CN and CSA than there is at CTI and CSS?

Thanks in Advance!