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    Default First timer, what to expect

    My girlfriend and I are trying to plan a sort of "last minute" getaway for mid-November. She spent her honeymoon at CTI and loved it and suggested we go there. Her husband passed away 2.5 years ago (cancer) and he was a very good friend of mine... things just sorta happened and we are crazy in love!

    When they were at CTI, they didn't do any of the AN activities, but I think I'm going to convince her to go to the island with me!

    Anyways, I'm not really sure what to expect in regards to the entire experience. She mentioned a bus or something picks you up at the airport and takes you to the resort. Then do you just stay at the resort the entire time? Pools, beach, sailing, scuba, food, food, food, beer, beer, fruity drinks, etc... Do people go into towns and shop or anything like that or do you really just relax at the resort the entire time?

    I'm an avid hobie sailor, so the ability to take the cats out everyday sounds like a hoot! Wisconsin weather doesn't cooperate as much as I'd like!

    I read a ton of things in the AN forum and think I'm ready for that. I love to be AN and hope she'll enjoy that experience too.. or at the very least, try it. Obviously, no pressure other than the initial nudge for adventures' sake.

    I'm not worried about any age issues, we're both in our early 30's but have no issues socializing with people older or younger than ourselves... heck when you're nekkid, there aren't many barriers you have to overcome!

    She raved about the food, I LOVE to eat, so I'm jazzed that the food will be good. We haven't finalized our plans yet... still trying to pin down the date, location, and best deal. It appears that this November is going to be a good time to visit couples! I haven't been to Jamaica before, hit up a club med in the Bahamas when I was a kid, it was a ton of fun, so I'm looking forward to a wonderful vacation!

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    My suggestion would be to consider visiting CSS instead.

    Nothing against CTI, but considering your circumstances, it might be nice to blaze a new trail together. And SSB is a first class A/N facility. You could still do a trading places day trip to CTI to walk down memory lane and check out the island.

    Just an idea, enjoy your holiday.
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    CTI has lots to do off the resort. You can go to Dunns River falls, horse back riding, shopping trips, on the cat cruise and more. Lots to do and it is all included in the the price. Yes sailing on the hobies is included.

    When you get out off customs turn left and go to the Couples Lounge and they will put you on a bus to the resort. It will take about a hour and a half depending if you stop or not. (Have a Red Stripe before you leave)

    See this link for shopping.

    If you like golf see this link.

    For tour information see this link, it includes both included and extra cost trips.

    For CTI Activities see this link:

    The resort has been completely upgraded and is all new and very nice. The food is great and is more than you can eat.

    Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun.
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    Well in my opinion, you are ganna absolutely love it. BELIEVE everything she has told you, and add in the fact that the best staff in the world will be there to accommodate your every whim.

    A bus will pick you up at the airport after you land and whisk you away to paradise. When you step off the bus you will be greeted as if you are family and have been there a thousand times. Couples and their staff's know no strangers. Once there, you can do as much or as little as you want. Leave the resort for horseback riding, shopping tours, climb the falls at Dunns River, or stay and take advantage of all the water sports, least but not least, take the cat cruise and the glass bottom boat cruise.

    The food is second to none. Try everything, you won't regret it.
    I can't comment on the island, because my DH and I don't go out there, but everything I have read about it, tells me that it too, is phenomenal.

    Meet the guests that are staying there, they are some of the best folks around.

    Hope I helped some!!

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    What circa 1978 "Cars" song is playing in the background ?

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    LOL, I'd rather hear Best Friends girlfriend than J. Geils band - Centerfold!

    All the couples resorts sound amazing. I can't wait for November! We contemplated a cruise, but I think we are heading to couples instead!

    Thanks for all the advice, please feel free to post up more info. I'm just going to dig around and find the "activities by site" list to weigh my options... but I think we'd love to see the newly renovated CTI.

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    Thanks much for the info.. another question... Are there trapeze wires on the hobiecats? Just wondering if I should bring my harness along or if they are not equipped with them? Not a big deal, just wondering.

    Should have our plans finalized in the next day or two.. coming in November... can't wait!!!

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    What ever is required for the hobiecats Couples supplies.
    Irie Mon

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    I have no idea what a trapeze wire is on a Hobie Cat, but I have some pictures (not the best) but maybe you can tell by looking?

    I'd also be happy to share our pics of the resorts if that would help in your decision ( Good luck choosing!
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    Are the hobbies for one or two people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel View Post
    Are the hobbies for one or two people?
    Yes! LOL

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    Best reply anyone should give is not to expect anything. I have been 3 times before and looking forward to my forth in April. Each visit was unique in its own way and if you expect something before hand you can get greatly disappointed. As for being there with her previous husband you can make this your spot also. Enjoy your time and let go. The island is fantastic and if you can talk her into it go for it my husband was told NO WAY and now I want to get there before him.

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    Our first Couples experience was to CN. After a year on this board, my expectations were huge. I was actually very afraid because of how high they were. I was NOT disapointed! I was in awe actually, of the overall feel of the place. It is a feeling that cannot be described in words, it is the entire reason behind the islands motto which many of us have adopted to be Couples motto as well "once you go... you know" We had gone to celebrate our 25th, and we were not in a great place in our marriage. We all know the things that can chip away at a strong foundation of a marriage, money, work, family, kids, etc. CN gave us everything we needed to remember what it was about each other that drew us together in the first place. We truly fell in love at CN all over again on that trip. For that reason CN will always be special to us. The next trip I thought could not possibly be as good.. There were no surprises, we had seen everything, eaten everywhere, could not possibly be as good, well it was....... I was stunned! I'm still not sure why, but it was.

    Then we mustered up our courage to stray from our comfort zone of CN, and talked lots of friends into joining us to try CSS, it was that same feeling, I had seen pictures on TA and here, watched the board nonstop for a year, how could the place measure up to my expectations? Well again Couples blew me away for all different reasons, because CSS IS different than CN. It is suppose to be. All 4 resorts are different, it is what makes each one unique. I keep telling myself we need to go to different islands and see more of the world, and when we do, everything gets compared to Couples, and quite frankly so far.... nothing measures up.

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