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    Is this a good choice for newbies at CSA? My parents are going with and they are in their late 70's. Thought this would be a good choice since there is a lot of activity centered around the Great House. Any advise, thx.

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    Any room at CSA is a good choice. A GHVS for your parents will depend on their ability to go up and down stairs. GHVSs are located on the top floor of the Great House. Also, a lot of activities are done over in the area near the Palms (Beach Party, Bonfire, entertainment, martini bar, some of the classes, water sports, etc...) CSA is spread out and you will be walking across the resort several times a day. We eat breakfast at either the Palms or the Patois Patio. Lunch will be at Seagrapes, the Palms or the Patois (maybe even all three LOL). Dinner will be at Feathers, Lemongrass, the Palms or the Patio. Snacks may be at Seagrapes or the Cabana Grill. I haven't even mentioned the Sports complex for massages or smoothies. My recommendation would be somewhere in the middle of the resort. A first/second floor OVS or an atrium suite in the older section would be ideal.
    Here's a link to the CSA map. My favorite area is around the wedding gazebo. In addition to it's beauty, we only have to walk across half the resort to get where we want to go.

    See you in December, Mike

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Thank you so much Mike for replying so quickly. I apologize it has taken me this long to thank you. I will definitely check out the OVS or the AS in the older section. Anything to make my parents vacation more enjoyable. Are you going to be there Dec. 16-23? It's always nice to meet new people.


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    Too many stairs, get any other room and ask to be on the ground floor.

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