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    I plan to get married at a couples resort and I am really having trouble figuring out which one. I want a beach location and would love that beautiful Turquoise water to be in the background.

    I have been looking at everyones pictures and I have noticed that in some pictures the water looks very turquoise and beautiful and in other pictures it looks like normal water we find along the coastline of where I am from, maryland.

    I was wondering if the different resorts have water that is more turquoise than the other, or if it's just the time of day that makes the water look more Turquoise, or maybe it was just a cloudy day.... or whatever the reason......

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    If that's your desire, i suggest CSA and having a morning ceremony. the more turquoise water pics were probably taken in the morning. Congrats and you've made a great choice. We were married there in '08!

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    Time of day and wave action both play into the color. If there is a storm or something causing high seas, the water will not be as pretty. If the light is not right, it also affects the looks.

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    Get married in the morning. Most of the time the water and sky are gorgeous. We got married at 10am at Swept Away and we were blessed with a perfect day. If you want a couple of pics, email me at

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    If you actually want a toes in the sand on the beach wedding, go for CN or CSA. However, with that said, we got married at CSS in the wedding gazebo, in the month of January, a 2pm afternoon wedding, sunny day and the water in the background of our wedding photos in absolutely stunning- turquoise. We had oil paintings done based off 2 of our wedding photos- the ocean background is gorgeous (we weren't half bad either!!!LOL). The wedding photographer will follow you thoughout whatever property you choose and take photos wherever you want- the property at CSS is sooooo gorgeous, it was a no brainer for us to choose CSS. Whichever you decide, you can't go wrong. Aside from the actually getting married part, getting married at Couples was the best decision we made!!!!

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    First off, welcome to the Couples Family!

    Second, I can only speak to CTI and CN - but they both have turquoise waters. Just depends on how the sun is hitting the ocean.

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    It really depends on the weather when you are at the beach. On a cloudy day, the water will be less turquoise than on a sunny day.

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    Attended a wedding at CN earlier this month. It was a 5pm ceremony and the water was more blue than teal. The weather was a little cloudy and right as they were walking down the aisle after their "I do's" a light sprinkling occurred.

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    Water colour comes from the sky. Blue sky = Blue water, cloudy sky or overcast and the colour or vividness is gone. The trick for those really blue waters, and vivid skies is to use a circular polarizing filter on your camera. It cuts glare, and helps to saturate colours.

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