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    Default Most Romantic Resort?

    My husband and I are wanting to return to Jamaica as soon as we can. We're wanting rekindle the romance and would like to stay at the most romantic resort that Couples offers. Having stayed at CSS a few years back, we're not sure if we should go back there or try one of the other resorts. We would like to try the AN beach, so I know this puts CSA out. So, which would you say is the most romantic of the other 3?
    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    CSS is the most romantic Couples Resort by a long shot. CN has a far better beach, but it is nowhere near as romantic as CSS.

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    Romance is what you and your partner make of it. CSS is lush and beautiful, but CTI is "more romantic" to us because of all the memories we've built.

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    That depends upon what you find romantic. If you find long walks on the beach romantic, then you would find CN more romantic than CSS or CSA.

    Look at the photos on each resort's web page and the panoramic views to get a feel for each of the resorts in which you're interested and figure out which seems the most romantic to you. You can have a romantic vacation at any of the Couples resorts because romance really isn't about the resort; it's about the two of you.
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    CTI is very romantic to us and it have the most private AN area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    CSS is the most romantic Couples Resort by a long shot. CN has a far better beach, but it is nowhere near as romantic as CSS.
    if you are interested in the AN experience and want a romantic place CSS is the place of the 4 ... the nooks and crannies the rocks and the foliage.... plus SSB.....that is a pretty powerful combo. maybe get a room in the G block facing east sitting on your balcony you will feel like you are the only two in the resort enjoy

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    CSS...Couples Sans Souci.
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    Default Eye oi the Beholder

    Everyone has a different definition of romantic but for us the beach is important. CN with its access to a long beach is more desireable than CTI. The beach at CTI is very small. Also the island, while nice sort of makes you a captive since you need to go there by boat.

    There is also limited opportunity to just lay out topless at CTI while CN is more open. I always feel more "romantic" when my wife is on the beach top free.

    That's why we're going to CN this year.

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    Most romantic resort is CSS no if's and's for but's..

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    Hands down no doubt after going to all four absolutely CSS ALL THE WAY!!!!! Not even a contest at all for this CSS oozes romance at every turn. So many little nooks and vistas with little private hammocks, benches and chairs for two. Room service it you don't feel like leaving your room. Here's the pics of them all to prove it:
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    The Most Romantic Couples is the one you're staying at! The hotel doesn't make the romance, the couples does. You can find the romance at any of the Couples if you make it happen. Each resort just help you along in different ways
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    Shari and James,

    In the 2008 pics, what type of room did you have. I saw the loungers on the balcony and that would be great for us.

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    Try CTI. The Island is much more secluded and private than SSB (which has great facilities) and CN (AN beach very public). Didn't find CN to be very intimate like the other two, our favorite is CTI.

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    I'm with Shari & James on this's CSS!! You can't beat it for romance. Been to CTI and it's like a high rise resort on the ocean. For us romance includes nice strolls and seclusion, both of which you'll find at CSS. Just to be fair we're going to try CSA in April but will also stay at our favorite, CSS.

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    We've been to CSA (1X) - CSS (1X) - CN (4X) & I'll have to say that to us, CN is the most romantic. We loved CSA when we were there but that was right before they expanded in size so not sure about how that would work for us now - we thought CSS was gorgeous (were there last in May 2009) with lots of private areas - but as far as "romance" for us , CN is IT!!!!!!!

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