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    Default Thank you doesn't seem like enough ....

    I've never experienced anything thing like this couples message board. I just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE for their honest answers, pictures and taking time to help all of us "newbies". I know there are more of you but in particular: KarenON, Jeffmon, SuzyQ, liquid, Randymon and cigardude are a few I recall right now.

    I have a HUGE notebook now with maps, pictures, tips for packing, ideas on clothing items, foods and drinks to try ... etc.

    Couples feels like a family I never knew I had. Looking forward to no longer being a newbie.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We're always glad to help. We were all newbies at one time. You will absolutely LOVE Couples.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Hi blridgway!
    You are so very welcome!!!! I enjoy answering questions from "Newbies" because I remember when I was a Newbie and all the Repeaters were so kind and patient with me and all my questions. I just think it's my duty to pay forward that same kindness!

    All the best and have a great trip!!!!

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    Hi Brenda,

    All of us who have been to Couples have had such a wonderful time ourselves, and we are so passionate about the resorts, that we enjoy passing on the information so that others may be able to experience those same feelings. We know that you will enjoy everything about Sans Souci!

    Have a great summer!

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    I love to read about anyone going to Couples, but especially the "newbies". Their enthusiasm and wide eyed wonder just makes me smile. As Jeffmon said, "we were all newbies" at one time".

    And hopefully, for many of them, they too will come to be repeaters and they in turn will help more newbies. I's a wonderful cycle. To always keep giving back.

    And the wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm doesn't every go away. November will mark our 34 pilgrimage to the isle of smile, but each and every time we go, you will find us jumping up and down with excitement weeks before we leave. It is one of the most refreshing, revitalizing, renewing, re-energizing, adventure of all times.

    199 and going down

    141 and going down

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    I love these boards and did exactly what you did and it just makes going so exciting. I have learned so much and continue to learn things. So glad you have become one of us.

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