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    Default OMG! I forgot to mention the "Beach Dog" and Cats at CSA! Pic attached!

    I was writing so much on my trip review I forgot to mention the Beach Dog and Cats..

    we first saw this dog when we were walking the beach near Norma's restaurant...I forgot what breed he or she was (one of the locals told us) but he or she..looked to be well groomed though.

    anywho, when we reached CSA, the dog was still walking along side of us, and then security chased him sway..

    Well later that day, I don't know how he slipped past security, but we saw him sitting (actually chilling) behind two beach chairs, and you could see he was hiding from security, and the only way they would have seen it, would be to walk up on the beach behind the two chairs..It was sooo funny watching him, sitting and relaxing, but peeping out to see if security could see him..No one bothered him, and he didn't bark or anything; just sat their relaxing with the guests..Too cute! we wondered who he belonged to, because he was wearing a tag, and as I mentioned, well groomed! LOL!

    We saw at least 3 different cats roaming the property at times. never really bothering anyone..One night when we returned to our room, there was a cat waiting for us under the lounge chair..My hubby chased him away, but he was right back the next morning, but left again on his, never to be seen again..

    By the way, tree frogs and crickets got the traffic noise beat! so don't worry about road noise!

    Notice how he or she is deliberately hiding behind the beach chairs, but relaxing too LOL!

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    I run from CN>CSA>CN (on the road) when staying at Couples Negril. This past April while running past Long Bay Beach Park I think I saw that dog. He didn't seem to be with anyone and was minding his own business. Good for him if he is well and well behaved!

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    I am pleased to see that a new mutt has taken up residence on 7 Mile Beach. I have missed the old three legged dog that roamed the beach in recent years and had been reported to have passed away. I will be looking for the new beach pooch next week and hope to make a new friend. Thaks for the photo and letting us know about him.

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    Saw this same dog in March. He came up to our chairs to visit but the guards warned us about touching him. They didn't know who owns him and according to the guard, pets are not routinely vaccinated against rabies there. The cats are cared for by Couples I believe so they didn't seem as worried about them.

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    You bring a dog on property and think it's cute but chase a cat away who's minding it's own buisiness chillin? What's up with that? Those cats were there last August. Could only pet one or two but very friendly. Followed us back and forth from one side of the resort to the other. Respect. Even the animals.

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    We were there 5/19-5/29 and we saw this dog too and had a family of 6 cats that would visit us daily on our patio! We are cat people and totally loved them! The baby was my favorite but there was another lighter colored tabby that would actually sit with me as I read and let me pet her. I think she was the big mama and the bigger cat in this pic was her baby and then this baby was the baby's baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nova13 View Post
    You bring a dog on property and think it's cute but chase a cat away who's minding it's own buisiness chillin? What's up with that? Those cats were there last August. Could only pet one or two but very friendly. Followed us back and forth from one side of the resort to the other. Respect. Even the animals.
    In case you were referring to my original post...

    1) We didn't bring anything on property, this was a stray dog or a owners dog wandering the beach

    2), I did not chase the cat away, my husband did; he can't be around any cats period, no matter how cute they are...

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    We miss that sweet three legged beach pup also. Alot of times he's be between two chairs or sometimes even under them cooling in the shade. We wasn't skinny and looked totally happy. Look forward to our new 7 mile mutt.

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    Love that dog! He hung out with me when we were there last May. The workers would always shoo him off, though! :-)

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    By the way... during our repeaters dinner last time I learned that Jamaica is 100% rabies free. And that dog was totally friendly! No worries!

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    The cats have been there for a least 3 years. We fed them as kittens and stll feed them when we visit. They always find us and usually caamp out on the railing or lounge chair. They love milk and fish. We only saw the dog once- it was early morning and he was sitting in the sand...seemed very nice. I left to go to Palms to get him some food and water but he was gone when I came back. Jim and I love animals and this year we lost our dog before going to CSA so we really enjoyed the animals. I look forward to seeing the cats next year and I hope we get a ground floor. Two years ago we had a second floor and the cat climbed the tree and flew onto the porch LOL.

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    Thank you sooooo much for the the picture of the fur babies! I will be looking out for them in August. We have 3 fur babies at home that we miss so very much when we are away.

    We lost our Frodo, the 3 legged wonder pup, a few years ago to cancer. We have always made it our mission to try and feed/water what ever fur babies we come across. I have ever been know to give the evil eye to several and a stern word to the young locals who I see not being so nice to the local animals.

    It warms my heart to know many others take care of these babies as well.

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    While running from CSA->Hedo->CSA last trip, that dog (I affectionately nick-named him "Rin-Tin-Can" ran with me the entire way. In fact, he was somewhat annoyingly underfoot. Fortunately, we are pet people (1 dog, 2 cats at home.) and loved him. Unfortunately, one of the guards at another resort (NOT COUPLES) threw his baton at the dog while we were running past and really hurt him. I was VERY upset.... DH was not very pleased either.

    And I also made the "mistake" of feeding one of the cats. We had a first floor atrium, and she was SO cute, I couldn't resist..... Next day, I had 3 visitors, and the following day, even more. LOL. I had the whole menagerie with me by the end of the trip. Fortunately, they loved the leftover milk that I didn't use for my granola.
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    We saw those kitties when we were there in April. They were by the GVS. The kitten was still nursing. The mom and kitten were so cute. Nice to know they were still there and hanging out together. Never got to meet the dog. Maybe next time.
    Thanks for posting them.

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    @Vee hopefully you took that baton and tossed it into the Ocean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffin View Post
    @Vee hopefully you took that baton and tossed it into the Ocean!
    Forget the baton, throw the seurity guard in the ocean.

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    We were there from May19 to June2 and saw the same dog as well as the cats. Loved the cats made you feel even more at "home"

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    Just got back from CSA (6/13-6/20). Noticed that one of the Orange cats frequents the Cabana Grill and loves fries with nacho cheese and any meat of any kind. Another Orange one hangs out in the AM near the wedding gazebo right below our room 2220. Noticed one of the orange cats sleeping on a ladies lap one AM while she lounged on her BFS verandah. The grey and black cat likes the Palms area. Only saw the dog once, chasing the cats one late evening near the hot tub (mid resort).
    Also, daily a gentlemen walk his black Dachshund along the beach, this dog love to dig for crabs.
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