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    Default CSA--Any trouble getting signed up for activities?

    I just booked my first trip to Couples ever, and I am very excited to experience it myself after reading all these posts for months!
    I know it will be fantastic no matter what, but I did see a few TA reviews that said it was tough to get signed up for activites at CSA. Is this true? I know you need to sign up a day in advance, but some reviews say that it's necessary to get up by 7am to be in line to sign up for the next day's snorkeling or the Catamaran cruise. If you're not there by 7, it fills up, and no luck for you the next day.

    Also, I read some reports that it's tough to get a kayak or a hobie at CSA because there are only 3 of each.

    Did anyone have any of these issues, or are these reviews I read all wrong?

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    This may depend on when you are there & how busy the resort is. We just returned & did not have a problem signing up for anything. We arrived on Sunday & were booked on the Catamaran for Tuesday, no problem.

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    Dave and Tricia - We've been to CSA six times and we are avid snorkelers. We would not keep going back to CSA if we could never get on the snorkel boat. The snorkel boat goes out three times a day. In all of our trips to CSA, we have never had a problem getting onto the snorkel boat, even if we don't sign up until later in the day. Sometimes the 11:00 snorkel trip does book up early. People have learned that this time usually has the calmest weather.

    I also saw the TA reviewer say that the reef they went to was crowded with other boats. Well, duh, did he think that CSA had their own private reef? No matter which section of the reef they go to, there is always plenty of space for the snorkelers if you are comfortable spreading out a bit.

    I also never saw all of the sail boats/hobie cats in the water at the same time. Never on all those trips.

    You can sign up for the catamaran cruise as soon as you arrive. After you check in, go to the concierge desk down the hallway and sign up for the cat cruise. No problem.

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    We just returned from there and we're only able to book snorkeling at 9 bc they had a cancellation. They do book up for the trips, but we always were able to get the hobie cats without any wait at all. It also depends on when you are there. The resort is noticeably more crowded from Thursday to Sunday for reservations and such. The catamaran cruise is booked in the lobby by the concierge and we never had any trouble nor waits with that one. It is mostly snorkeling and sometimes scuba based on demand of the guests there.

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    Traveled 6/13 through 6/20.
    Most mornings at 8am when the Watersports hut opens, I would see between 6 and 10 people (3 to 5 couples) in line to sign up. They have 3 snorkel trips per day and 2 glass bottom boat trips per day with each able to take 6 or 7 couples. We would stop by on the way to breakfast at Palms around 8 to 8:30 and it was no problem mon.
    Remember it's a sign up for the next days' activities, and think ahead.

    I only noticed all the Hobie Cats out at the same time once during 7days. Noticed kayaks going out individually for short periods. The paddle boards saw a lot of action in pairs. Wind surfing seemed rare. The peddle boat went out rarely also.

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    We were there in May of this year and did not have any trouble booking anything

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    No problems booking anything! we went in June/July. But I do want to say that even though the later snorkeling trips get canceled because of the rain, I have seen them take guests out after the rain stopped so if you are worried you will miss out if you don't get on the morning trip, don't be. To get on the 11 am trip you have to be waiting in line before 8am. There were even people waiting that did not get on the 11am trip if filled that fast and I think the problem is everyone is worried (like we were) that they won't get to snorkel if they don't get on the morning one. But don't be. If it rains show up anyway and let the sports guys know you would still like to go after it rains. I'm sure they would have spots on the later trip. And it will be less crowded!

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