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    Default Bob Marley tour, How far?

    I will be in Tower Isle on Oct and was planning to do the bob Marley tour. Does anyone know how far is the bob Marley tour (9 mile) from this resort. I also read that there is another location in Kingston where bob Marley attraction is located. How far is Kingston from the resort? Can this be done in one day or is the 9 miles tour and Kingston in different direction?
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    The tour to Nine Mile will take about six hours if you go with Chukka Tours on the excursion from the resort. It's a lot of fun and the scenery is just wonderful at times, especially through Fern Gully. You get lunch on the way, too. Not a good trip if you suffer from motion sickness. I'd do Nine Mile on a different day from the Kingston trip. Bring some little candys to throw up to the kids who sing to you from the wall over Bob's place at Nine Mile.
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    I was thinking to get a private van. Should i bring candy from home?
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