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    Default Questions about tipping!!!!

    I am getting really confused about the Couples tipping policy. I have read multiple posts that go as far as to say tipping is NOT ALLOWED. I have read posts that say tipping is not allowed but gifts may be given if you leave a note saying what it is and who it is from. Then I read posts from people who say they tip the staff. So am I allowed to tip or not? I would hate to get someone in trouble for accepting a tip because my understanding is that cash tipping is not allowed at these resorts.

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    Yes, we have a no tipping policy. It is strictly enforced and staff may lose their jobs if caught accepting any tips. We appreciate your sentiment however ask that you respect our no tipping policy. The ONLY exception is spa staff.

    All staff participate in a generous profit sharing plan.

    Try to think of it this way: Imagine that the resort is a theatre putting on a play. Actors (bartenders, waiters, waitresses, etc) are the only employees you see on stage. Yet, there are dozens of people behind the scene helping to ensure that their performance is the best it can be. While these people are not visible, they are equally important to the success of the play.

    You only see the actors... No Tipping!

    Couples Resorts

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