We wanted to let others know of a problem we had making reservations using the Couples website.

It appears that when you book online, the airline reservation and the price you receive is NOT a confirmed amount. When couples receives the request they send an email to the airline confirming the flight time and price. I see two problems with this process.
1. If you book later in the evening, the request is not confirmed until the next business day.
2. Since the airline reservation is emailed to the airline rather than a phone call being placed there is some lag time.

In our specific case we booked through the website around 9:00pm. The next day we received an email from Couples stating that the price on the airline had increased by $87 and asked us to confirm the new price. When we called to confirm the price with the Couples agent, they sent another email to the airline. We were once again notified that the price had increased another $9. It should be noted that Couples does state this in the fine print when you make your reservation that the price is not guaranteed until confirmation is received by the airline.

I would highly recommend to others to book thru a site which can confirm your flight reservation and price at the time of booking. I would also recommend that Couples change their process so that airline reservations can be confirmed while the guest is on the phone.

This experience is like playing Russian roullette and has given us a negative impression of the resort before we have arrived.