I was looking at the latest TripAdvisor review, and while I normally take them with a grain of salt, it was not the first time someone mentioned not being allowed to get on the shuttle without tipping the shuttle operators. That they blocked them from getting on until they gave them a tip. I have dismissed these claims before but when you hear them more than once it makes me think everyone else just pays and drops it. maybe because they are embarrassed to admit they were bullied or intimidated into giving a tip? I know they don't work for Couples but they are my ride there. I am all about tipping, but the premiss behind tipping is that it is up to me to tip or not. If it is required then it is a charge and not really "included".
My question is how often does this really happen? Do these guys do this a lot? If so, has anyone complained. I know if someone tries to intimidate me into doing anything it sets me off and I don't hesitate to speak my mind and or complain to management. I would hate to start my trip off this way. Did this guy encounter a couple of bad airport employees or is this a regular racket no one wants to talk about? And has anyone ever refused to tip because they were trying to make you feel like you had no choice?
thank you in advance for your honest input.

As a side note, I did notice that the person writing the review did a lot of complaining and nit picking. But I have read quit a few reviews where the guest stated they thought they would not be allowed to get on the shuttle if they didn't give a tip, deserved or not.