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    Default Are there safe places in Jamaica to get a tattoo?

    I am looking to get a wedding ring tattoo on our honeymoon when we are there in November.

    I also might get something on my upper right arm

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    If you do that you won't be able to go in the water. Plus I only go to someone I know has a great reputation and have seen their work. I don't think I have even seen a tattoo place there.

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    I understand your desire to get a tattoo in Jamaica, the idea sounds way cool. But....

    I highly suggest not attempting a tattoo application in Jamaica. Too many unknowns about the sanitary conditions and the artist's methods and means of keeping his equipment sterile and safe. I have never seen a recommendation on the message board for a place to go in Jamaica, in fact this thread will most likely echo what I have stated and will add many posts to discourage you from getting ink while in Jamaica. Tattoo applications are a very intimate and invasive process not to be taken lightly. A good reputation for being clean and safe is paramount for any ink establishment worth it's salt.

    Get some ideas while there and bring them back with you. Find a reputable artist studio back home and go in to discuss the work, the process and the price and get your ink done right. Rule of thumb for tats: There are good tattoos and there are cheap tattoos, but there are no good, cheap tattoos.

    Good luck, have a great trip!

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    Please Don't Get a Tattoo in Jamaica ! I understand the desire but they don't have the same laws about sterilizations procedures. You are just asking for infection or worse. Not only with clean equipment but spending your honeymoon taking care of it. No extended time in the pool. Personally, I would not go in the ocean. You also need to limit sun exposure. Just think you should enjoy your time there in different more fun ways. If you find a design you like while there, take a picture of it or bring it home and have it done by your local artist. Someone you trust and does quality work. You will be much happier in years to come.
    FYI, my left arm is fully sleeved and 10 others on right arm and back. I stop all inkwork about 5-6 weeks before I go so my most recent pieces are fully healed and the ink is set in nice. Not sure if you've been to Jamaica before but the sun is BRUTAL down there. Keep loads of suntan lotion on if you have ink. You pay good money for them. You need to take care or they will fade and blur on you.

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    If you get at a tattoo you have to keep it out of the water and sun, hard to do on a tropical vacation.

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    A former bartender at CN, Cashwayne, has several tattoos and once described the device used to get his.

    Part of it was the sleeve from the tube from a ballpoint pen, a rotating motor salvaged from a sewing machine, and a "regular" tattoo needle.
    Scared yet?

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    Are you crazy? Seriously.
    Getting a tattoo in another country, particularly one without standards for sterilization of needles and equipment is unnecessarily risky.

    I agree with dirtleg and nova, the sun can be very tough on tatoos (and scars for that matter), so the best bet is getting it long before your trip or after you return home.


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    It wouldn't be my first tattoo so I know you have to keep it out of the sun and water. I would have gotten something on my last day or second to last day to avoid that problem. Thanks for all the advice, I'll just wait until I get home

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    I understand your desire to do something to celebrate your marriage while IN Jamaica, where you will be honeymooning. It sounds like this may be your first time there? Once you get on the shuttle from the airport, you will probably have a better understanding of why everyone is advising you so strongly against the idea. You will soon see that is a third world country in many ways. We're talking people who live in tiny crumbling shacks with tin roofs, goats wandering around, etc.

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    I watched a new TV show last was called Worst Tattoo' was hilarious.

    I can invasion an entire show of Worst Vacation Tattoo's

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    We are staying at CTI in November for 10 days. No, we have never been to Jamaica before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    A former bartender at CN, Cashwayne, has several tattoos and once described the device used to get his.

    Part of it was the sleeve from the tube from a ballpoint pen, a rotating motor salvaged from a sewing machine, and a "regular" tattoo needle.
    Scared yet?
    Hey rudi,

    Is Cashwayne gone now? When we were back in November, we only saw him once at the Beach Grill Bar. Didn't get a chance to ask him what's up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    ... Is Cashwayne gone now? ...
    We saw him in January but were told as of the beginning of June he was gone.

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    dank120...freakin hilarious! Yeah, when I tell folks what it feels like, I always tell them to get a ballpoint pen and dig it around in their mine before the trip...def do it before or after, but NOT while there! g/l

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