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    Default How to add a day??

    I booked CSA through US Airways Vacations back in February for 6 nights begining July 22...Monday through Sunday. Now it looks like we can leave on Sunday and we would like to extend our vacation for one more night. I can adjust my flight but every website including Couples and US Airways say there are no rooms available OR that I must book three nights in a row in order to book a room. Has anyone every encountered this?? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    As Wally says, just give Couples a call at 1-800-Couples.
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    Like Wally said, 1 800 couples. I jus had to add a day last month due to the airline changing their fly days & they were more than happy to accomodate. No problem.

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    Thanks I will call. I did check the website and it was sold out so I didn't figure it would help to call!
    Appreciate the help!

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