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    Was wondering if they have a Lobster night at CSA and if so what night would that be???

    32 days and counting


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    Lobster night at CSA is Saturday. Not too far behind you...44 days!

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    Saturday night is lobster night at Swept Away.

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    When we were at CSA in July 2008, lobster night was Friday.
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    The same day we arrive...Saturday!! (From July 1 through March 31...lobster is out of season from April 1 through June 30.)

    What a way to start our vacation!
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    We were there three weeks ago and it was Saturday night.

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    Lobster night is on Saturday.
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    When it's in season (and it's in season now), Saturday is lobster night at CSA. Keep in mind that lobster from the Caribbean is different than Maine lobsters - smaller, but still very tasty.

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