My wife and I are expecting our first child in September and are getting ready to book our 4th trip back to CN in May/June of 2013. This will be 8 months after the baby is born. Being our first, we are not sure how we will feel about this. We are using the Love Away option and getting insurance for our flight as precautions, but we are hoping that some people on the MB have had experience leaving a child behind to go on vacation within the first year. If anyone has experience with this, your comments are welcome. The main questions we keep asking ourselves are:

Will we even want to go?
Will we want to go, but then have a miserable time?
Is 7 nights too long? Would 5 be easier for this trip?

We already know how we feel about CN, so that's not a concern. If it wasn't for our son, we would already be booked for 9-10 nights in November. We just have no experience with the kid stuff yet, so that is where we are a little unclear about how we might feel. Any input is appreciated!