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Thread: CSA July 2013!

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    Default CSA July 2013!

    *Sigh, I'm getting itching mouse fingers again.... We are looking at going back again in July 2013, we were there in 2011 and have been talking about it since. Is it too early to book? I know airline sites won't even book that far. I'm just wondering if I should book CSA first then just watch for better prices on airfare or wait and book both flight and hotel at once. We are from London, Ontario Canada so either fly out of London, Toronto or Detroit. So far, Air Canada prices are better going out of London.

    Any suggestions?

    There doesn't seem to be much deals for CSA on the Wednesday mail outs.


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    We will be there July 10-20, 2013! Cannot wait go go back home!

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    Weeee... we are officially booked from July 10th to 16th! This is our second time back and looking soooooooooooooooooo forward to it.

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    We will be there July 8-17th 2013 anniversary.
    My husband is looking for a golf partner, and we will be taking the small plane instead of the van transfer. Anyone want to share a plane? We may get a better price. We arrive on the 8th around 2:30pm or so.
    Dawn and Keith

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    July 8-17th Anniversary for us. We are very interested in a pub crawl while we are there. My husband is also looking for a golf partner. We will also be taking the small plane ride instead of the van transfer. Anyone want to share a plane? Maybe it will be less expensive?Any info would or interest would be great!Dawn and Keith

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    We'll be there starting on the 9th thru the 16th! Never been to CSA but have been to CTI & CSS. We hope that this resort will top the others!!!

    Sorry, we don't have any suggestions regarding the flights.

    See you'll soon!

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