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    Default Dress code -- what is resort elegant?

    I am not sure what we are supposed to wear for dinner at CN. Can someone offer some advice?

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    I am not sure what we are supposed to wear for dinner at CN. Can someone offer some advice?
    I always just brought simple sun dresses and one or two nicer dresses, but nothing too fancy. For the guys simple khaki's and polo's are sufficient. At CN, you have Otahti (I probably butchered that spelling) which is the nicest restaurant. I would pack one or two special outfits for dinner there, but the others a simple cotton dress is all you really need.

    During the day, most people will be lounging in their bathingsuits and cover ups. It will be hot (nothing too unbearable), but you don't want to wear something you won't be comfortable in.

    Hope that helps!

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    Depends on where you are eating that evening but unless we are eating at Otaheite or it's a special occasion for us or the resort (or we're going to the repeaters dinner), I normally wear nice shorts or capris with a more dressy top & nicer sandals & hubby wears nicer khaki shorts & a polo or button down shirt with nice leather flip flops ....... I'm not normally a "dress" person but if I am dressing up .... I wear either a nice summer type dress (like I'd wear to an afternoon wedding) with sandals or a more fancy dress (like I'd wear to a fancy dinner or night wedding) with high heels & go for the glitzy look .... Hubby wears nicer khaki slacks (like for business dinner) & a button down shirt with leather slipper type dress shoes if I'm wearing heels & leather "boat shoes" if I'm wearing casual sandals .... He sometimes wears nicer khaki shorts if I'm wearing a summery type dress & sandals .......... It's really not as big a deal as is seems. If you are eating anyplace but Otaheite, just dress like you would if you were going out to a nicer place at home that's not "fancy".

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