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    Default Leaving in two days!!!! :)

    A group of 6 of us are leaving for CSA on Saturday! We are overly excited to visit Jamaica and the Couples Resorts for the first time! Any last minute suggestions, reminders, must dos, etc. that we need to hear? I have been stalking the message boards here and TA for months and can't wait to be on the beach!! Thank all!

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    My only advice is that you will be so amped up for this trip that it will be hard to wind down for at least the first day or two. Just relax, soak in the atmosphere, and if you find yourself worried about ANYTHING after your first day, just take a deep breath and a Nutty Jamaican shot and feel the vibe. You should never be moving faster than the slowest rolling wave!

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    Don't get sunburned on Day 1! I see so many pasty white people plant themselves in the sun with oil on and they next day they are painfully red. We met a honeymooning couple and the husband couldn't even leave the room on Day 2 because he was so sunburned. Trust me when I say that if you wear a super-high SPF (50 or higher) and do your best to stay in the shade, you will still go home with a great tan. Seems unlikely but the sun is so strong there that just walking around or going for a swim, you will get enough sun to tan nicely!

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    You lucky dogs! Do the catamaran cruise, walk down the beach to the left and go shopping and bar hopping and watch the gorgeous sunsets. Have the snapper sandwich at Seagrapes and have an awesome trip! We have to wait until April.

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