We just booked a SR and I got a confirmation e-mail from CTI. I was looking over the schedule of activities and I noticed the catamaran cruise is still listed as an activity. I was under the impression that this perk went away for CTI. Can anyone confirm this?

In our previous trips to CSA and CN, the catamaran cruise was our favorite part of the trips and went at least twice on both of those trips.

Of the 4 resorts, the one I was most hesitant about was CTI, but knowing my previous experience at the other 3 resorts, I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time... knowing we could do a catamaran cruise would ease my worries that much more!

Also, if we trade places and go to CSS for the day, does anyone know if we can get a massage at Charlie's spa? I LOVED their massage huts over the cliffs! By far the best place to relax and best massage I've ever had!

Lastly, does anyone know what night they do the repeaters dinner? Always fun to talk to those that call Couples home!

For CTI veterans, any additional recommendations?