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    Default Swept Away Must Do/See

    Any Suggestions on things that are must see or do's while at Swept Away. I know all the main stuff like the sunset cruise and relaxing on the beach. We went to a resort once where we stumbled upon a late night piano player that was awesome but was never mentioned in any reviews and we wished we had found this guy the first day and not the last. So what are your must see or do things while at SA?

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    Definitely the spa and the whole fitness area - it's really pretty and a nice area to relax and/or workout. Go to the Piano bar upstairs in the Great House. Ultimate is awesome! Take time to unwind and walk hand in hand with your loved one.

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    Go to the orientation your first full day. You will learn lots about CSA and the things to do. Only takes an hour or so and is time very well spent. You will meet some of the staff and some other guests as well. Most repeaters will recommend this and have done it themselves. Some of us even go on our return trips just to see what is new or different from our last visit.

    Have a great trip! You will love CSA.

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    Thanks dirtleg,

    I'm new here. This is a good piece of advice I'm booking this week for CSA last half of Feb. '13 with my hubby. It will be our first time to Jamaica. I just finished hours of research and have settled on this resort. From everything I've seen in photos and read, it looks to be wonderful. I like that there is a message board for vacationers

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    Catamaran and snorkeling!, Those are the must do's at the very least. I loved the Catamaran that when we return in 2013, I will try to do it twice if I can. Also will try the night snorkeling I hear it's a whole new experience. We can't wait.... *sigh, 365 days

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    Have Breakfast on your verandah. Be sure to meet the R &R girls at the Cabana Grill. Don't fear the vendors on the beach- they are interesting. Dont miss the martini bar. Order a drink called snake eyes. Take different routes through the property so you can see it all. Get to beach early as it gets cloudy and/ or rains most afternoons. Go on the One Love Pub Crawl. Most importantly relax and switch to Jamaican time as it goes by really fast. It is a magical place.

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    Try the soups!

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