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    Default CTI Help! - Husband Needs Convinced

    My husband is concerned CTI is too open and doesn't have that same remote jungle type island adventure feel to it. He LOVED CSS, and CTI seems to be the complete opposite in many ways.

    For CTI repeaters, what keeps you coming back to CTI vs the other resorts? I'm looking for things beyond just the staff, because we can all agree the staff at all 4 Couples resorts are top notch and will go above and beyond to make you happy - it's party of what makes them so special!

    What makes CTI unique?? Are there areas to be "explored?" He loved swimming in the ocean around the cliffs at CSS.

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    I love the new modernized atmosphere of CTI, I liked that the resort wasn't too large but big enough to explore. I also am in love the with Au Natural Island, even if you don't want to go naked if you are really nice you can go for an after hours tour of the island. We did this after visitng the isle during the day and got some amazing pictures of just us on the island at dusk. The last thing I can think of right now is the dining experience at Bayside restaurant, was definitely the most amazing meal we had food and atmosphere wise.

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    So, this is probably not going to help you but just in case you are still up in the air about whether to choose CTI over CSS. If you've already booked CTI and don't want to change, just ignore everything else that I'm about to write because it really is only my opinion and you shouldn't care about it.

    We went to CTI after 4 trips to CSA and did not like CTI at all. We did the trading places to CSS and loved that and have since then been back to CSS and going again in 4 months. We thought CTI was very hotel like and very modern and was missing all the romantic charm of CSS. Everything was open on the ocean side. Now, we did have extremely bad weather so I'm sure that affected my impression. When it comes time to book the next trip to Jamaica, our decision is always between CSA and CSS...and I really have no desire to return to CTI.

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    We have been to CSS multiple times (at least 6 visits including our wedding in 2004), CN once and this July will make our 3rd trip to CTI. Our most recent stays have been to CTI and I think CTI is becoming our favorite. Some people downplay it, say it is too hotel-like---I have to say that is not a deterrence by any means to us. We love the fact that it is built just yards away from the ocean, that most rooms have an ocean view, literally right on the ocean views. I love waking up and seeing the sea, having coffee on the balcony watching the ocean, I love having drinks on the balcony in the evening, listening to the waves. At CSS we have had wonderful ocean views, but you are away from the ocean- either on the cliff side or off the main beach (calm bay) and far enough back that I have never heard the waves from my balcony. That was our experience at CN as well, we could see but not hear the ocean. I like the fact that CTI is compact, you are never far from a bar, a restaurant, a pool, a beach- yes it is smaller, but the grounds are just as gorgeous, lush vegetation, beautiful flowers, friendly parrots (like Crackers at CSS!!!) We also love the history of CTI- the fascinating people that have visited the resort in by gone days- love seeing the old photos of Hollywood glamour-----and the art deco feel of the main building, while the rooms retain the tropical feeling. Add the incredible staff, the wonderful food, free flowing drinks, fun entertainment, the pools, the beach, the island, the excursions....we just love it there! Can't wait to be back- in 27 more days!!!!

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    It really is funny how some people love one resort and have no interest in another while others are the complete opposite.

    We LOVE CTI and have less then zero interest in CSS! CTI is very BOHO Chic and Retro Glam while still retaining the Jamaican hospitality Couples is known for. The dining at CTI is some of the best I have had ANYWHERE, the SPA is delightful and the beach is perfect. You have plenty of space on the grounds for romantic walks and exploring.

    All I can suggest is go with your heart and an open mind! If you do decide to stay with CTI and you realize you do not like it at all simply ask if you can be transferred to CSS. If they have availability I am sure it will not be a problem!

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    Ivgal - you confirmed why I think my husband is so worried about CTI. His actual words were that it was too "hotel like"...

    We actually booked Secret Rendevous hoping that because of the current spa deal for CTI, that they would be more full than CSS and we'd end up at CSS at a great discount. Guess we got busted!

    We are planning on trying it out, at least for one night, and then if we're not happy, we'll pay the increased cost and switch to CSS.

    I thought about trying for a private dinner on the island to do something that is unique to CTI.

    This will round out our couples stays so we can have the "grand slam" with a trip to each resort.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Having never been to CSS, I really can't compare the two. But here's my $.02 on why we will be back to CTI for trip #4 in September:

    Reasons to love CTI:

    1. Instantly I loved the "old hollywood" style of CTI. Though we have not been back since the renos, from the pictures it looks like they retained much of that while bringing it up to a south beach style.

    2. We love the island. Not sure if you enjoy AN or not, but the island is an experience all in itself. Once you go, you know.

    3. I love the small, private beach. We stayed at CN. The beach is huge and beautiful but the CTI vibe is much more secluded given they have a private beach.

    4. We love the choice of restaurants. We loved the idea of having Bayside, 8 Rivers, the Patio, and the Verandah to choose from for dinner. A new experience every night! We especially loved the romantic vibe at Bayside - the cute little walk and distance away from the main beach right over the ocean makes it a perfect end to the day!

    Hope this was helpful! Everyone has their own favorites for a reason. Perhaps you should consider saying for 5 nights at CSS, and then switching to CTI for the last two or three? Then you will really be able to decide which resort you can call "home".

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    Sorry, but we totally agree with Ivgal. Although we have not been to CSS, we've been to CN, CSA and CTI. We thought it was way too modern and hotel like. It didn't have the coziness or the tropical feel like CN and CSA did. (And what it sounds like, CSS also.) It just didn't feel Jamaica to us. I know this is just one gal's opinion but if your husband's gut is telling him to stick with what he loves there may just be a reason for it. But then again, I'm all for trying something new. Have you thought about venturing over to the other side and trying the beach?

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    We've been to all the resorts and CTI is our favorite followed probably by CSA. The staff truly are the best at CTI. Your husband could go swimming early out to the island and back. We do it every morning. If he likes to swim a long way he can swim right around the island. Bring your own snorkel gear and explore around the island.

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    Everyone has their favorites. My husband and I just got back from a 5 day visit to CTI and a 5day visit to CN. As we enjoyed CN, we had a blast at CTI. It has the most positive and friendly vibe from the staff and the visitors. Have been to CTI 9 times and will keep on coming!!

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    Just don't let your hubby compare resorts, that is the worst thing he can do. It can't hurt to try another resort. I dragged my hubby to CN and while he had a great time and enjoyed it. He decided that CSS was our home. And while we are both willing to check out CTI, when we are at CSS- we just cant ring ourselves to look because we just love where we are. HOWEVER next year the CTI trip is on. We have done the Au Naturel and he doesnt feel comfortable doing that so the island is not a draw for us.

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    Having stayed at three Couples over the years, CSS was our least favorite and CTI is our all time winner. We are in our 60's and the idea of climbing or descending steps every time we needed to get somewhere was very discouraging. Yes, CTI has steps but the compactness of the Resort makes it seem unimportant. Our next two trips in the next year will be to CTI.

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    I have a hard time with people hating CTI. I can understand if you rate CN, CSS a 9 and CTI an 7 or 8, but no one should have an experience that would make them hate CTI.

    CTI is not CSS. I actually found the staff to be more present and happier at CTI, as well as the guests more social and fun. But that could have just been the time we were there.

    The restaurants are different than at CSS and you can't eat over the water at CSS. I think CTI has more to offer for food variety than CSS. You also feel like you are right on the water in your room when compared to CSS, although we didn't get a suite at CTI (or a minibar, which has been added since our last visit).

    While comments on the hotel atmosphere are true, we've never felt crowded and its nice having everything within a short walk. There are still plenty of places to stroll and explore, although not to the extent at CSS.

    We do enjoy long walks on the beach and miss that, but the beach at CSS isn't much different in that respect. We actually prefer the privacy and quietness of the beaches at both resorts than beaches with resorts lined up along them.

    To give CTI a fair shot, you'd need to spend more than one night though. While you are there, take the nature tour. Its about an hour in the morning and you find some interesting areas that most people never come across.

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    We love the rooms right above the beach, listening to the waves. There are more choices for dinner & we like that everything is so close. The spa is amazing!

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    We love CTI. The 7:30 morning walk through the neighborhood could not give you a better sense of Ocho Rios. The food is delicious. Gardens are gorgeous. The lily garden at the entrance is amazing! The Island is so much fun but if you need some down time, grab some snorkel gear and jump into the water, resort side. The Issa family is frequently on property & is very friendly. I have stayed at CN and day passed at CSS. Both of these resorts were beautiful however the staff was so different! CTI has jewelry making, hat making, and many activities that reflect the culture. If you want to lay on a hammock all day, in a lush jungle, CTI is probablly not for you. If you want to enjoy Jamacian culture you can get it at all the resorts. Do not exclude CTI, all four are different experiences...all to be had!

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    Tell him that if my picky husband enjoyed it he definitely will. We are scheduled to arrive August 5th and this will be our 3rd year in a row going. We absolutely love it and the service is impeccible. We were treated like kings and queens. :-0

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    We did a split - 1 week at CTI followed by a week at CSS. We have also been to CSA. We love them all for their uniqueness and what each offers.
    Yes, CTI is more ďhotelĒ like, but we embraced that for the positives of it. We preferred our room there over the others. It was so bright and modern, and we loved the view out over Tower Isle (from block 4). I enjoy rustic, and for that would rate CSA well above CSS, which we did love, but not for the dated room decor. I appreciated the modern touches at CTI - like the clean, modern washrooms by the lobby and behind the main pool (washrooms not a big plus at CSS). The whole resort was such a crisp white and someone always seemed to be painting. The lobby is the best at CTI. Not only does it have a fun decor, but it was such a social place. If the weather does get bad it was the place to hang out. Thatís another plus for CTI. We found it the most social of all and met so many friendly people.
    I find it hard to rate the dining better at one resort over the other. They all have excellent choices, however, overall I'd probably vote for CTI. I loved the cozy Verandah, and the over water dining at Bayside, and the repeaters dinner was so yummy.
    We didnít have the best weather for the first part of our stay at CTI, but it has the best located hot tubs with a nice view over the water. We also very much enjoyed the ones at the spa. Yes, it is more compact. This can be a plus. It doesnít take long to just pop back to your room. At CSS it was such a big hike, and even at CSA itís a bit of a ways from the back garden rooms. Thereís not as much to explore, but it is nice to walk around the back garden area, especially if itís breezy out front. Itís so deserted back there. You can always go off resort to explore. We did the cat cruise and horseback riding.
    Although the rustic spa huts were romantic at CSS, the modern spa at CTI was very enjoyable. I preferred the pools at CTI as well. Itís nice to have a view, and be close to a bar. Although it was nice to have calm water at CSA and CSS, the drop off was nice instead of needing to walk out so far. I am a tall, spindly, coconut palm tree lover, so CTI wins there over CSS absolutely (but behind CSA). I thought the sand was softer than at CSS also.
    Would we go back? Absolutely. Next time I just hope to have better weather to enjoy the ocean more.
    So those are my thoughts. I could flip it around and tell you what I prefer over CSS too. Itís all in perception and how you look at things... glass half full. Go with a positive mind and love it.

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    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! Couples truely has the best and most loyal customers. I'm down to 19 days before we leave and excited for the new things we'll get to experience at CTI.

    I think one of the things that makes Couples so great is that each resort has it's own character and different things to offer because no two people are alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ct ti fan View Post
    I have a hard time with people hating CTI. I can understand if you rate CN, CSS a 9 and CTI an 7 or 8, but no one should have an experience that would make them hate CTI.

    We love CN, really like CSS, and hate CTI. CSA is okay. CTI is the only Couples resort where to get to dinner, you walk out of your room into a hotel hallway, walk down the hall with rooms on both sides, take the elevator down to the lobby, walk through the lobby, then down another hallway and into your restaurant without ever going outside.
    <font size=2>
    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post

    CTI is the only Couples resort where to get to dinner, you walk out of your room into a hotel hallway, walk down the hall with rooms on both sides, take the elevator down to the lobby, walk through the lobby, then down another hallway and into your restaurant without ever going outside.
    Sounds perfect!

    This is obviously not the case with all of the restaurant offerings, but you know that.

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    Wally, why didn't you take a stroll outside before going to dinner if means so much to have to go outside. Each to their own I suppose. Out favorite is CTI followed by CSA follwed by the other two. Each has something to offer. I can't say that I hate any of them. Hate is a very harsh word, whatever the context.

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