Ok, Leaving for CSA this coming Sunday and looking for a few drink recommendations. First off let me say I have looked at past threads on this subject and have read about Bob Marleys, Dirty Bananas, Hummingbirds that it seems a lot of you like but let me give you a little background on my tastebuds. I'm not a coffee drinker(can't even stand the smell of it) so drinks with coffee liquer are out. Afraid of the Bob Marley because of the cream de menthe. Got sick eating to many of those square chalky after dinner mints when I was a kid and have'nt been able to eat minty things since. Afraid I may hurl on that one. LoL Not a beer drinker either. Never "aquired" the taste for it.

Now, with that being said, and whiskey/burbon, vodka, rum being my favorites. Any suggestions besides the old standbys? Never had a martini. Might look into something along that line. Frozens ok but can usually only handle one or two because of the sweetness. Shooters ok too.

I know.... I can be a little picky. Didn't say this would be easy.