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    Default Question about flies @ CN in Sept.

    Just wondering from those of you who have been there are the flies this time of year at CN? & What kind of fly dope worked for you? thanks

    2 weeks and counting

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    Never had a problem with flies. Occassionally you might find a bee flying about but no flies.

    I heard consuming plenty of rum will keep the flies from landing on you. I guess that's why I never saw any.

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    Been there in July, Feb., Dec., Jan., & returning again for 2nd September. As they say in JA, "No problem Mon." We've never had any difficulty with flies.

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    Well, since I am now suffering from a rash due to poison ivy...I will be sure to put on my jungle juice each and every time I go anywhere near the sand at dusk. I am really sensitive to bites and had a horrible trip one August when I had to have at least 30 bites on each ankle. I do not want to be itching like I am right now on vacation.

    Since then, I never go near the beach without stuff on. Our last trip in October, hubby got bit up on the deck by the swim-up bar. I was lucky and had gone back to the room to get ready.

    We take Jungle Juice--we buy our stuff at REI or the camping section of any sports store (walmart might even have it in their camping section). It has a really high concentration of deet--you use just a few drops and spread it around. I don't smell the best but I am not scratching either!

    I do think it all depends if the bugs like you...and they obviously like me!

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    Never have had a problem with flies, a couple of bees though, and of course the dreaded sand fleas.

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