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    Early on the AM of Sun 17, Feb a heavy storm rolled through and really churned up the sea (including Bloody Bay at CN). In addition to the multitudes of seaweed and sea life (many, many starfish) deposited on shore, there were man-made artifacts as well.

    Throughout Sunday AM people enjoyed the amplified surf. On Monday AM, we saw people recovering several sunglasses, a visor, a ball cap, even a waterproof watch (we're guessing it was b/c the new owner said it still works). (There were also tens and tens , if not hundreds of the hard plastic cups beach drinks are served in - presumably from drinking guests that wanted to ride the surf and got slammed - the staff were recovering them).

    Anyway - we saw a guy in a wet suit in the water with a metal detector. Don't know if he was a guest, but presume so, and he didn't bother us in the slightest and would guess his chances of finding something unique were good in those circumstances.

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    Beach is a wise choice. Hit the beaches with your metal detector as the tide is going out. The receding water will allow you to work newly exposed areas and increase your chances of metal detecting finds. However,Be very careful about detecting anywhere on public land . You could lose your equipment and pay a stiff fine.
    Most public areas are closed to detecting. Check with local detecting clubs. They have outings on private land.

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    Yes, my husband took it metal detector to CTI last year. It disassembles easily and fit in our bag, no problem, Mon. He combed the beach early in the morning while I enjoyed the sun rise. It was fun. And guess what? A guy did loose his wedding ring playing volleyball, and one of his team mates sought us out and my hubby found it!! He was the hero of the day and we still talk to that couple on fb.

    P.S I told him not to take it, but he did, and I'm glad.

    Go enjoy your vaca anyway YOU like.

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    My husband lost his original wedding band 30 days after we were married. It was playing volleyball and we were never able to find it....If you enjoy metal detecting...I say go ahead. Its Jamaica and to each his or her own. As long as there are no rules against it - go for it! I am sure like Jasnstac1's husband you might even be able to help out a fellow traveler.

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