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    i have a 4oz size bug spray and 2 6oz spray sunblock, we also have 2 small travel size (1oz) lysol sprays.
    TSA says "No Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)," however they fail to mention what exactly limited quantities are allowed. We are taking a total of 2 checked bags. Does anyone know if this is alright to take or will the stuff be removed from my bags, I'd rather not go buy more stuff.

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    You should be OK if they are in your checked luggage.

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    In checked luggage, should be ok. If you have a suitcase full of aerosols (or if they're of something like cases of spray paint or cases of insecticide), they might have a problem.

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    You can bring it in your checked luggage. I always bring aerosol hairspray and it is a big can. I have never had a problem.

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    You should be fine. To be sure, check your airlines website. I've packed 6 bottles of spray sunscreen before and had no trouble.
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    I check American Airlines website and it does say that each passanger may carry 70 oz. in their checked baggage of any liquid or aerosol and each bottle must be smaller than 16 oz each. (pertaining to personal care items only)

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    Put any aerosol cans in double ziplock bags in your suitcase. I had hairspray go off, while in the suitcase - twice! The entire can was emptied, thankfully, it was in a ziplock bag. I assume it was the pressure in the cargo area that made it spray.

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    Pack them in your checked bags in zip lock bags.

    Make sure they propellant is not flammable. Some Aerosol's contain propane, n-butane, isobutane, Dimethyl ether (DME) and methyl ethyl ether. They are all flammable.

    You should find some that use nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. They are not flammable.
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