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    Default Vendors on the beach at CSS?

    Are there any vendors on the beach at CSS? I would like to get souveniers for our family, but wasn't really wanting to spend half a day on the shopping excursion. If there are vendors there, what types of things do they have for sale?

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    Yes, they allow certain vendors in. They sell all sorts of items like carvings, hand made items, etc. You should be able to find plenty of items to bring back for your family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cigar Dude View Post
    Yes, they allow certain vendors in. They sell all sorts of items like carvings, hand made items, etc. You should be able to find plenty of items to bring back for your family.
    Are there any original paintings for sale here? Would love to buy one when we visit.

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    Yes, we bought one the night of the beach party!

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    Yes- vendors are on the beach every day at CSS. You can get local jewelry, wooden carvings and other souvenirs. At the gift shop on the property you can get coffee, spices, t shirts etc.... And they also have a jewelry shop where you can get gemstone jewelry, watches, perfumes, etc.

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    there are several venders there depending on the day. During the beach party there are many who line the beech from the grill to the pool. We picked up hand painted seashells, a wooden red stripe mug, some jewelry, painted tea mugs and a wooden wind chime...all I can think of off the top of my head

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    There are vendors who sell ceramic items and wood carvings on the beachwhen I was there in February. The set up each day and are there all day. There is also a gift shop when you first enter the resort.

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    They have some vendors between the main pool and beach. They sell bags, hats, sculptures, paintings. On Beach party night they invite more vendors. They are not pushy at all, and dont bother you.

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    Hey! We've been to CSS twice in the last year, and Yes, they have vendors on the beach. They have everything that the shopping excursion would; t-shirts, wood plaques/sculptures, knick-knacks, jewelry, straw bags..this is the way to go in our opinion! The prices are comparable, if not cheaper because you can bargain with them if you choose. The resort gift shop is also a good place to get souveniers, they have an excellent selection.

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    Yes they have....vendors there everyday. In fact, if you see "Johnny" ask him to teach you some local sayings. He's an amazing person. Also, they have additional vendors that come during the beach party. Name:  040.jpg
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    Yes and no hassle either. Of course there is haggling but that's part of the fun. I find I don't go too low as if I was at the marketplace. And the shopping trip isn't that much fun, except for the people we went with. We all had a good laugh together

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    There are vendors there with lots of nice things available and they are not pushy at all. They are friendly, but not aggressive which we like. Been to public beaches and you tend to get bombarded with vendors who at times are annoying, so the vendors at CSS are a pleasant change from that.

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    we have never gone into town for shopping but between the gift shop, vendors at the resort and the airport we always come home with plenty to share.


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    Here's a few more pics of some of the vendors and their items.

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    Awesome! Thank you so much for all the replies. I am so relieved to not have to leave the resort. We have a couple boys at home that are going to be expecting something really cool from Jamaica!

    As always, this message board is full of knowledge. Thanks again.

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    We were their just a mont ago & found that there were plenty of things to buy. The pictures already on this post show the great variety and atmosphere. The vendors were great-not pushy at all. We are glad that we went on the shopping trip that the resort provides, but we will not do it again. All the shops have the same thing and are much more pushy for you to buy. The vendors at the resort and the gift shop give you an excellent variety and without all the hassle. The airport also had some great gift shops as well. We purchased a hand-made canvas painting and had no trouble getting it through customs. Neither did another couple we traveled with concerning their 3 foot tall hand-carved bird.

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