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Thread: Hot tubs at CSS

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    Default Hot tubs at CSS

    Can anyone tell us about hot tubs at CSS.

    How many are there?

    Where located?

    How many people can each fit?


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    There are three. Now if I told you where they were it would take all the fun out of finding them! However, I will say they are all near the pools!!!! Have fun on your hunt!!!!

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    Also there is one at the hibiscus cottage. Forgot about that one. And they all fit about 8 people. We never had to share though so not sure.

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    It's been a couple of years since I've been, but I think I remember there being two. One by the pool down by the beach, and one up the stairs from the minearl pool. I think you couple fit 2-3 couples maybe? Altough they were almost never in use because we went in August and it was hot.

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    I beleive there are 3 (we just got back on Saturday)
    One above the mineral pool, which is VERY hot, and I would guess seats about 6?
    One by the main pool, seats a few more maybe 8-10? and then one over at the AN beach which seats 6 I think. We used the AN and Mineral pool ones, all very nice, very quiet, and was not anyone in them when we used them!

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    One hot tub near the mineral pool- up some steps and hidden in the trees. You could probably get five or six people in the tub, but it is a quiet, romantic area perfect for two.....:-)

    One hot tub near the main pool/ main beach. Once again up a few steps and hidden in the trees.

    One hot tub beside the AN pool on SSB- out in the open, probably could get 6 people max comfortably. (inside the cave in the AN pool, there are also seats and jets- but not a hot tub, more of a cool, refreshing area to get out of the sun!)

    One hot tub outside the hibiscus cottage- but this is private only for the cottage guest I believe....

    And I think that is all of them...

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