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    Me and my BFF (the little woman) are headed to CTI on Thursday the 10th for 5 days of fun and sun. From all of the threads I have read we are in for a grand time. We can't wait to live the life of Riley in such a beautiful place. I am sure we will be spoiled and want to head back there.

    Here's to life in the fast lane in slow motion.


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    You will have a blast!!! From the minute you step off of the bus, you will feel the tension and stress of home, leaving your body!! Prior to checking in, walk straight forward and look out....that memory will burn itself into your soul.

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    You're going to "love" the staff,resort,food,drinks etc. Have a GREAT 1st time at CTI. Can you do me a favor, and make sure that the food,drinks,and happy faces are all restock for us when we get there on the 18th. Thanks. You'll Be Back!!!

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